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Professional Scrum Trainer Selection Process

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certifying through the PSD program

Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) certified through a Professional Scrum Developer course are eligible to offer PSD courses for either .NET or Java. These courses are offered publicly and privately all around the world.

These trainers are part of an elite, international community that includes consultants, coaches, respected authors, conference presenters, and user group leaders. They are expert practitioners in Scrum, modern software development practices, and specific technologies and platforms (Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server for the .NET courses, and Java with Eclipse and various other IDEs for the Java courses). They are energetic and enthusiastic trainers, eager to meet and lead teams to process improvement. When a trainer delivers a PSD course, he or she must wear many hats: instructor, Product Owner, Scrum Master, technical support, and coach. A high level of professionalism, great communication skills, and the ability to adapt to unique situations are requirements of a successful PSD Trainer. 

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PSD Trainer Selection Process

Becoming a PSD Trainer for is a rigorous but relatively straight-forward process. This process helps us ensure that we get the best trainers to begin with and that only the best trainers remain in the program. To be selected as a PST for the PSD program, candidates must:

  1. Have several years’ experience creating software with Scrum teams.
  2. Have extensive experience and knowledge in the technologies, tools, and best practices covered in the PSD course.
  3. Have provided technical/Scrum training and coaching.
  4. Achieve at least a 90% score on the PSM I assessment (within the last 12 months). 
  5. Submit the PSD (.NET) trainer application or the PSD (Java) trainer application, sharing an overview of their experience, explaining their motivations for becoming a PST, and providing a reference who can speak to the candidate's experience.
  6. Receive invitation from to attend a train-the-trainer event.
  7. Take part in a 5-day train-the-trainer (TTT) event (by invitation only). The event consists of a 2-day Professional Scrum Foundations TTT course followed by a 3-day Professional Scrum Developer TTT course.
  8. Participate in evaluations with both instructors and receive their approval to continue.
  9. Achieve at least a 95% score on the PSD I assessment following the TTT (limit of 2 attempts within 6 months).
  10. Take part in an interview with Ken Schwaber or other staff member and receive approval for moving forward.
  11. Take part in a one-hour peer-review with a panel of existing PSTs and pass peer-evaluation.
  12. Review and agree to all the terms of being a PST, which are contained in the trainer license. This includes agreeing to teach only from standard courseware, accepting ongoing monitoring of course content, performance, feedback, and assessment scores, and participating in one face-to-face global trainer meeting each year. Note that trainers in secondary markets receive discounted pricing on courseware licensing. 

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