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Maximizing Scrum

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - Gunther Verheyen

When organizations consider or start adopting Scrum, a frequently raised concern is how ‘to scale Scrum’. It is worthwhile investigating this desire, and start exploring the scalability of Scrum.

It seems that many organizations have grown into very complicated and extremely interdependent internal structures over the years of their existence. The implementation of Scrum is expected to fit the existing structures.

Within the existing structures ‘scaling’ is synonymous to increasing volume and quantity, to larger numbers. Hence, the expectation that the implementation of Scrum must be expanded with additional processes, roles, phases, etc.

In order to start thinking about scaling Scrum, there is much value in understanding and employing Scrum fully first. What would you be scaling otherwise, right?

There IS value in maximizing Scrum first.

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