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Below you will find a list of valuable Agile and Scrum publications that have been provided by our community of Agile and Scrum practioners, completely free to you. We ask that if you print them out and pass them around (which we encourage!) that the content remain unchanged and unedited.

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CHAOS Tuesday: Learning from Retrospectives (Audio)

- Ken Schwaber
in Community Publications

The Standish Group's CHAOS Tuesday production has special guest Ken Schwaber of Scrum.Org on their show to discuss what can be learned from doing retrospectives. Topics covered: the retrospective process; how it differs from a project postmodern; how to get the most out of a retrospective; ways to i...

Tags: Podcasts

Enacting Scrum and Agile with Visual Studio 2012

- Clementino Mendonca
in Community Publications

Find out how Visual Studio has become the tool of choice to manage your Scrum projects, and how it stands out of the way allowing you to do Agile in your own terms instead of forcing you to adapt your development process to a tool. We will take a tour on how you can enact Scrum best practices and cy...

Tags: Scrum, Tools

Leveling Up Agile Requirements

- David Starr
in Community Publications

Not only does backlog management impact product architecture, but full adoption of Experience Leveling can also enable faster time-to-production, higher quality, and better user experience. Mature agile development teams strive to deliver only the smallest amount of functionality and code needed to...

ING: Capturing agility via Scrum at a large Dutch bank

- Gunther Verheyen
in Community Publications

For reasons of competitiveness the delivery of IT services of Amir Arooni's department (CIO of the Solution Delivery Center for Channels at ING NL) needed fundamental improvements. A small project revealed that the existing, waterfall, working methods and organization structures of the cha...

Use Scrum + Continuous Delivery to build the right thing

- Peter Gfader
in Community Publications

How often do you release your product to your end users? How often do your end users see and use your product? Do you release in sync with your Sprint length, after the Sprint Review? Is the Sprint Review meeting the only valid release point? When do you plan your releases? Learn how the c...

FedEx Day: Lighting Corporate Passion

- Rob van Lanen
in Community Publications

How can my team deliver value and innovation in 24 hours without intervention from management? A "FedEx Day" can be used to show management that just a few people can deliver innovative, working products and software in only 24 hours, and how intrinsic motivators are the key to unlocking our own inn...

Increasing Team Productivity

- Rob Maher
in Community Publications

Increasing develpoment productivity is a hot topic. This paper focuses on increasing team productivity and discusses how changing a project staffing model can increase the productivity of project teams. [Read the full article...]

Tags: Teams, Agility

The Blending Philosophies of Lean and Agile

- Gunther Verheyen
in Community Publications

Learn more about the distinct views and similiarities between Lean and Agile. Included is the Scrum perspective to Agile to demonstrate how the tangible, yet open framework of Scrum aligns and blends the underlying thinking of Agile and Lean. [Read the full article...]

Commitment vs. Forecast: A subtle but important change to Scrum

- Jose Luis Soria Teruel
in Community Publications

One of the most controversial updates to the 2011 Scrum Guide has been the removal of the term “commit” in favor of “forecast” in regards to the work selected for a Sprint. We used to say that the Development Team commits to which Product Backlog Items it will deliver by the ...

The New, New Sprint Backlog

- David Starr
in Community Publications

The 2011 Scrum Guide, published earlier this month by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, makes some bold changes regarding the definition and structure of a Sprint Backlog. Professional Scrum Trainer David Starr explains these changes with help from Professional Scrum Trainer Ryan...

Ordered Not Prioritized

- Scrum Admin
in Community Publications

"Prioritizing" has been removed in favor of "ordering" as the term for organizing the Product Backlog. Ken and Jeff asked Jim Coplien to elaborate on the reason for this change: In the past, the Scrum Guide consistently used the word "priority" for the Product Backlog or noted that the Product Back...

Chickens and Pigs

- Steve Porter
in Community Publications

The chicken and pig lore of Scrum is no longer a part of the Scrum Guide. Professional Scrum Trainer Steve Porter discusses the signifigance of what some may assume to be a relatively innocuous change: As you're probably aware, Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber recently published an update...

Gone are Release Planning and the Release Burndown

- Ralph Jocham
in Community Publications

Any Product Manager that has successfully delivered a product to a customer knows how incredibly important Release Planning is. Despite its importance, the 2011 Scrum Guide, published in July by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, removes any discussion about Release Planning and the related Release B...

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