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Special Lean Café Edition: Myths, Misconceptions, & Mysteries of Product Ownership - ScrumPulse Episode #15

- Mark Noneman
in Webcasts

Note: this episode of #ScrumPulse is moderated by Professional Scrum Trainer, Mark Noneman. Here’s what the Scrum Guide says about the Product Owner Role: “The Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the value of the product and the work of the Development Team. How this is done ma...

Scrum Day Europe 2016 - Scrum Turns 21, What is Next?

- Dave West
in Resources, Community Publications

90% of Agile teams are using Scrum. With over ½ a million people trained and certified. Scrum has become, for many the de-facto standard in Agile team organization. But what is next for Scrum? In this talk we discuss the success and future of Scrum and what needs to happen to Scrum to continu...

AgileNEXT Podcast Featuring Steve Porter

- Steve Porter
in Resources

In this episode of AgileNEXT, Steve Porter joins Daniel and Stephen to discuss his thoughts on his experiences as a consultant, ISV, and now being part of  Some topics include: Scaling The human side of Agile Cadences Agile outside of IT Star Wars and Agile...

Scrum & Business Intelligence

- Barry Overeem
in Resources, Community Publications

Business Intelligence (BI) projects can be seen as complex, where the amount of unknown requirements and technologies exceeds the known. BI projects are complex due to fast changing information needs and priorities, existence of many users/customers, availability and quality of data, different syste...

Characteristics of a Great Scrum Team

- Barry Overeem
in Resources, Community Publications

According to the Scrum Guide, Scrum is a framework within which people can address complex problems, and productively and creatively develop products of the highest possible value. It’s a tool organizations can use to increase their agility. Within Scrum self-organizing, cross-functional,...

Podcast - CEO Dave West on the Next 20 Years of Scrum at Agile2016

- Dave West
in Resources CEO and Product Owner Dave West has come a long way from being a RUP Product Manager to where he is today. After realizing RUP wasn't helping developers or enabling them to build great software, Dave took a Scrum class where a light bulb went off. He saw that if you gave a team enough safe...

Cross-Team Refinement in Nexus™

- Rob Maher
in Resources, Community Publications

In Scrum, Product Backlog refinement is an ongoing activity for a single team; however, it is not a mandatory event. As explained in the Nexus Guide, due to the added complexity of many teams working together on a single product, Refinement is an official and required event in the Nexus Framework. T...

Changes to the Scrum Guide - ScrumPulse Episode #14

- Ken Schwaber
in Resources, Community Blogfeed, News, Community Publications, Webcasts

----> Watch Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland as they discuss the changes to The Scrum Guide, why they have made these changes, and why the Scrum Values are so critical to success.

An Introduction to the Nexus™ Framework

- Simon Bourk
in Resources, Community Publications

In today’s fast pace of living, technology moves at light speed. The industry has had to deploy an impressive workforce to respond to the pace. Product development teams are being created with staff ranging from a few software developers building the product to product teams made up of thousan...

Scaling Professional Scrum with Visual Studio Team Services - ScrumPulse Episode #13

- Martin Hinshelwood
in Webcasts

Note: this episode of #ScrumPulse is moderated by Professional Scrum Trainer, Mark Noneman. Tools don't solve problems, but they can help reduce the friction of Scaling Professional Scrum. The only way to successfully scale across multiple teams, maybe in multiple countries, is to create robust aut...

Cage Fight: Product Owner vs Product Manager - ScrumPulse Webcast #12

- Dave West
in Webcasts

Scrum has become the de facto standard for organizing agile development teams with its focus on feedback, frequent delivery of working software and simplicity. But as scrum reduces organizational complexity, it often makes the life of the product manager harder. Suddenly, a product manager is expect...

The Core Protocols© - ScrumPulse Webcast #11

- Ralph Jocham
in Webcasts

Note: this episode of #ScrumPulse is moderated by Professional Scrum Trainer, Mark Noneman. Have you ever attended a meeting realizing that you have wasted valuable time? Have you ever had the feeling that an important discussion is leading nowhere? Did you lack the courage to state the truth? T...

Scale Your Product NOT Your Scrum

- Cesario Ramos
in Resources, Community Publications

Scaling Scrum & Agile has become a very popular topic over the last ten years. You can tell by the number of papers, talks, trainings and certification programs around it. Agile has become its own industry, as more and more enterprises want the benefits that Agile can promise. Over the last ...

We’re Moving to Agile: What Are Our Testers Going to Do? - ScrumPulse Webcast #10

- Pradeepa Narayanaswamy
in Webcasts

Note: this episode of #ScrumPulse is moderated by Professional Scrum Trainer, Ravi Verma. As more and more organizations transition to agile, many still do not understand how testing fits into agile teams. Does it simply mean placing a tester on every team? Or does it mean doing away with the role ...

Organisational Improvement: Using a Framework to Guide Your Change - ScrumPulse Webcast #9

- Simon Reindl
in Webcasts

Note: this episode of #ScrumPulse is moderated by Professional Scrum Trainer, Mark Noneman. Guiding an organisation through lasting change is complex. There is often a myriad of competing factors that need to be considered and these are different for each organisation. We know that our situation is...

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