Applying Professional Scrum for Software Development Live Virtual Class, Nov 7-10, 2022


Course Overview

Instead of chasing the next version of Angular, .NET Core or Java, let's focus on the practices and tools that make up great engineers.


There are 4 major pillars of content in the class:

  1. Agile / Scrum
  2. Teams
  3. Software Engineering
  4. Tools



Content details

  • Agile, Scrum-> What is it? And what is the difference?
  • Application Lifecycle Management -> Who manages what?
  • Agile + Testing -> How does that look like? Every Sprint? Really?
  • What is Software Quality? Why does that matter?
  • Great Teams -> How to deal with dysfunctions in your team?
  • How do we create usable software every Sprint?
  • How do we measure the Impact of our work?
  • Why and what kind of documentation is necessary for Agile Projects?
  • What are Professional Software Engineering skills
  • Estimations and Agile? No way. How?
  • What's my role as a Senior in a Team? How can I grow others? The Team? What is a Servant Leader?

Lots of 🙌 hands-on and Sprint simulations for learning opportunities.


🚀 Bring your own problems --> On the last afternoon there is a deep dive into your topics that you bring along.


Price: CHF 2999

Early Bird Price: CHF 2399 until Aug 31, 2022

Course Details


Live Virtual Class
8:30 AM - 1:00 PM


Nov 7, 2022
Nov 10, 2022

More Information

Language: English

Target Audience

The target audience is Scrum Development Team members that contribute to making an impact with software. This includes junior and senior engineers with XP experience, testers, business analysts, requirements engineers, software developers, architects and business impact analyzers.

Expected outcomes

Engineers learn what behavior is needed in a Scrum Team. They understand how they can grow as a team and what the impact of a high-performance team is. 

People learn Agile Software Development with a deep immersion into the XP practices and some more advanced techniques like Strong Style Pair Programming and Mob Programming.




Training Facilities

Online with Zoom + miro.


What makes Peter stand out

  • Deep technology background & Talking the business language
  • Vast experience in different industries with leaders and CTOs (Software, Startups, Banks, Insurances, Deep Legacy Accountant firms, and more) 
  • I am regarded in my professional circles as having a particularly no-bullshit approach, which tends to deliver much more value than telling you what you want to hear.
  • I don't just teach and coach techniques, I also teach and coach how to teach and coach


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