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Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have paused all purchases and training in and from Russia.

Professional Scrum with Kanban

Live Virtual Class, February 13-16, 2023

Class Overview

Across the Pond Professional Scrum with Kanban

The "across the pond" Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) class will be taught by Mary Iqbal (USA) and Andy Hiles (UK).  Join us as we invite participants from the USA and the UK to come together for four half-days awesome learning.  Share your experiences and learn from your peers across the pond!!

Participants in this special class will receive a free copy of "Applying Scrum with Kanban: A Pointless Book!"  by Andy Hiles.

Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) is a 2-day course that shows how to use Kanban practices in the context of a professional Scrum. Students should leave with a better understanding of what good Kanban looks like and a reinforced understanding of the importance of the Scrum framework's rules. .

Common myths debunked during class:

  • Kanban is a task board.
  • Work in process limits are immutable.
  • Kanban is a process change mechanism.
  • Scrum teams only benefit from Kanban within a sprint.

You'll learn the positive impact of introducing flow to Scrum’s Events (including inside and outside of Sprints) and the value of adding Kanban from the perspective of Scrum’s Roles. By the end of this course, you will how Kanban can be useful in solving core flow issues and evolving towards a continuous flow of delivery while continuing to benefit from the Scrum Framework.

Class Details



Delivery Method

Live Virtual Class
Time Zone: America/Chicago
Start/End Time: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Start: February 13, 2023
End: February 16, 2023

Registration & Price

Price: USD 1495
Early Bird Price: USD 1295 (until February 6, 2023)

More Information

 Mary Iqbal - Professional Scrum Trainer located in Madison, WI


About Mary Iqbal

A Professional Scrum Trainer with, Mary has 20 years of experience at various Fortune 500 companies as well as experience in the healthcare, consumer products and business-to-business industries. From doubling the size of a line of business for a data processing organization to moving to a new technology for a consumer products company’s main business platform, she has successfully led teams to apply Scrum to solve difficult, time sensitive efforts while delivering value to the organization by helping teams work better together.

Andy Hiles

About Andy Hiles

Andy Hiles is a highly experienced Professional Scrum Trainer with and a Professional Kanban Trainer with Pro Kanban.

Andy's career has taken him on a journey from late 90’s web development through professional organisations such as Nokia and IBM to now, where Andy is  a professional trainer, coach and consultant. Along the way Andy learned XP, Scrum and Kanban ‘hands-on’, through leading teams of people developing complicated solutions in complex product and service delivery environments.


This class will be offered remotely in Zoom.  You will receive an email containing the meeting information after registering for the class.