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Professional Scrum Master

Live Virtual Class, September 26-29, 2023

Class Overview


Professional Scrum Master™ is a two-day class* where students are challenged to explore the Agile and Scrum principles to understand better what to do when applying Scrum to support their teams and organisations. The course uses a combination of instructor-led and activity-based learning, where students work together in teams. In addition, trainers bring their own Scrum Master experiences and stories to the class and use their skills to deliver the material using their unique delivery style. The result is an engaging, enjoyable learning experience where students gain a deep understanding of Scrum theory and principles, the Scrum Master accountabilities and why each element of the Scrum framework is important.

Students leave this course with an appreciation for professional Scrum, the Agile mindset and how to deal with common myths and impediments to agility. In addition, they gain knowledge and understanding about how to choose and apply the appropriate practices and techniques that will be most beneficial for their Scrum Teams.

The course is accredited by All participants completing the course may take part in an assessment for industry-recognised PSM I certification. Students are also able to claim 14 Project Management Institute (PMI) PDU credits.

More details about the course -

*When offered in person, this course is generally delivered over two consecutive days. However, when offered as a Live Virtual Class, the course may be broken up into more, shorter days.

Aims and objectives

  • Help Scrum Teams deliver value to their organisation
  • Understand the theory and principles behind Scrum and empiricism
  • Understand how each part of the Scrum framework ties back to the principles and theory
  • Understand uncertainty and complexity in product delivery
  • Understand the meaning and importance of the Scrum values
  • Learn what Done means and why it is crucial for transparency
  • Know how to use the Product Backlog to plan with agility
  • Understand the importance of self-managing teams, interpersonal skills needed, and the Scrum Master role
  • Clarify the leadership role a Scrum Master plays on the team
  • Learn the skills and traits, and behaviour shifts required to be a Scrum Master

Target audience

This course is appropriate for students in any industry where teams are working to solve complex problems:

  • Practitioners that are interested in starting a career as a Scrum Master
  • Scrum Masters, Agile/Scrum Coaches and consultants looking to improve their use of Scrum
  • People looking to broaden and deepen their understanding of the Scrum framework and the accountability of the Scrum Master
  • Anyone involved in product delivery using Scrum

Class Details



Delivery Method

Live Virtual Class
Time Zone: Europe/London
Start/End Time: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Start: September 26, 2023
End: September 29, 2023



Registration & Price

Price: GBP 1085
Standard price 1085 GBP + VAT

More Information

The training price includes:

  • excellent, full of knowledge and interactive training conducted by two certified trainers with rich knowledge and years of experience in using Scrum in practice,
  • 100% certainty that the training will take place on time,
  • all the necessary materials in an electronic version,
  • a small, 12-person training group, allowing for the maximum use of the potential of an interactive workshop,
  • single-use password for the PSM I assessment (allowing to obtain the PSM I certificate), a 40% discount code for a password for the PSM II assessment,
  • a book that will allow you to furtherly explore knowledge and support you in everyday challenges.

Find out more about Professional Scrum Master certificates on the website -


There are no set prerequisites to attend the course. However, knowledge of Scrum in a real-world context or experience working in Scrum are helpful.