Professional Scrum Master II Live Virtual Class, Aug 30-31, 2021


Course Overview

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Professional Scrum Master II (PSM-II) is a 2-day advanced class for practicing Scrum Masters to support their further professional development.

Unlike the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course which focuses on how to use Scrum, the Scrum framework and the role of the Scrum Master, PSM II is an advanced course helping students to understand the stances that characterize an effective Scrum Master and servant-leader while diving deep into how they serve the Development Team, Product Owner and organization. The course then teaches students about related practices and skills to enable them to have the right types of conversations and how to apply them to become better Scrum Masters.

A worldwide recognized certification assessment Professional Scrum Master II is included.

Who should attend

Scrum Masters with a thorough understanding of Scrum framework who are looking to grow their knowledge and abilities as a Scrum Master. It is particularly beneficial for those with at least 1 year of experience.

Course objectives

You will be challenged to think within the Scrum framework, the underlying principles and values, and how they help guide Scrum Masters in the decisions they make. You will also explore what practices, tools, skills, and stances make an effective Scrum Master.

What you will learn

The Scrum Master role is complex and often, a Scrum Master must be able to apply different stances in order to be effective, such as:

  • The Scrum Master as a Teacher
  • The Scrum Master as a Coach & Mentor
  • The Scrum Master as a Facilitator
  • The Scrum Master as a Change Agent




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Price: EUR 1190

Course Details


Live Virtual Class
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Aug 30, 2021
Aug 31, 2021

More Information

Language: English

As a Scrum Master, being able to identify, and effectively apply, which stance would benefit your team the most depending on the situation or circumstance could prove to be the key to the success of your team.

As a Scrum Master, part of your role is to help management and other stakeholders across your organization understand the benefits of Scrum and Agile. Therefore, it is imperative that you have the information and background that is needed to gain credibility in order to be an effective change agent. Throughout the class, your PST will provide stories, exercises, facilitation techniques (such as “Liberating Structures”), resources and more.

There will also be time in class for the Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) to provide coaching on challenges that you and your classmates may be experiencing today or may in the future.


  • What makes an effective Scrum Master
  • Servant Leadership
  • How to support the Scrum Team
  • Dealing with team conflict
  • How to support the Product Owner
  • How to support the organization
  • Understanding the challenges of middle management
  • Dealing with complexity and impediments
  • Measurement in Scrum
  • Successful product delivery and Definition of “Done”
  • The Sprint Goal
  • Facilitation techniques


All participants completing the Professional Scrum Master course will receive a password to attempt the PSM II assessment. If you attempt the assessment within 14 days after receiving the password and fail to pass, you will receive one more attempt free of charge.

Professional Scrum Master II

Professional Scrum Master II assessment proves an ability to apply the Scrum framework to solving advanced, complex problems in the real world.

Test is taken online and in English. It contains 30 situational questions, is timeboxed to 90 minutes, and requires 85% score to successfully pass. It is more difficult than corresponding assessments of other organizations and therefore better represents your acquired knowledge and experience.

Subsequent certifications

You will be also entitled to a discount on the Professional Scrum Master III assessment.

What you take away

  • Training materials
  • Two attempts Professional Scrum Master II assessment
  • A 40% discount for PSM III assessment
  • 14 PMI PDU credits


About me

Professional Scrum Trainer at & Agile Transformation consultant.
Scrum and Agile coach, mentor. Over 11 years of experience in Scrum. Graduated coach (ICF
ACSTH) and trainer. Over 20 years of professional experience. 15 years in an IT environment.
Speaker at conferences and events. Agile Leader for Scrum Masters team. Lecturer.
Active volunteer at Women in Technology (Agile Series - workshops) and other Agile
communities. Mentor at (2016-2021).

In 2008, during my postgraduate university course, I discovered Scrum as an effective
framework and from that time I have been successively learning how to apply Scrum, spread
it and improve software development. I work worldwide with big companies (+10 000) as
well as with medium and small size ones, helping them improve their empirical approach,
value delivery and business agility. I cooperate with the whole organization, from decision-
makers to Scrum Teams, to better understand their needs and be more effective in terms of
consulting and training.

I also share my experience widely as an international speaker at conferences and business
events. As a creator of Agile Series at Women in Technology, I provide workshops and teach
all people interested in Scrum and Agility. I’m also helping organize Agile conferences, for
instance I was involved in Scrum Days organization. I’m a co-organizer the first Liberating
Structures meetup in Poland.




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