Professional Scrum Master İstanbul, Jun 21-22, 2018


Course Overview

The participants get an opportunity to learn how they can use Scrum in their organizations correctly through brainstorming and team-based exercises. With these two days training;

– Gaining expertise in the correct implementation of Scrum and interaction with Scrum, leading change,- Learning the Scrum Master role and responsibilities of Scrum Master,- Preparing for the PSM II assessment (Professional Scrum Master II) which is one of the most important certifications in Agile and Scrum.


Scrum Basics

– What is Scrum and how has it evolved?

Scrum Theory

– Why does Scrum work and what are its core principles? How are the Scrum principles different from those of more traditional software development approaches, and what is the impact?

Scrum Framework and Meetings

– How Scrum theory is implemented using time-boxes, roles, rules, and artifacts. How can these be used most effectively and how can they fall apart?

Scrum and Change

– Scrum is different: what does this mean to my project and my organization? How do I best adopt Scrum given the change that is expected?

Scrum and Total Cost of Ownership

– A system isn’t just developed, it is also sustained, maintained and enhanced. How is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of our systems or products measured and optimized?

Scrum Teams

– Scrum Teams are self-organizing and cross-functional; this is different from traditional development groups. How do we start with Scrum teams and how do we ensure their success?

Scrum Planning

– Plan a project and estimate its cost and completion date.

Predictability, Risk Management, and Reporting

– Scrum is empirical. How can predictions be made, risk be controlled, and progress be tracked using Scrum. Discussion starts with “Done and Undone” and continues with Quality Assurance in Scrum.

Scaling Scrum

– Scrum works great with one team. It also works better than anything else for projects or product releases that involve hundreds or thousands of globally dispersed team members. How is scaling best accomplished using Scrum?


The Professional Scrum Master course is specifically targeted to ScrumMasters, but the lessons are applicable to anyone in a role that supports a software development team’s efficiency, effectiveness, and continual improvement. If you are responsible for the successful use and/or rollout of Scrum in a project or enterprise, this course is likely to be a good fit.

Price: USD 1200

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İstanbul, Turkey


Jun 21, 2018
Jun 22, 2018

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