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Professional Scrum Product Owner

Live Virtual Class, July 13-August 31, 2023

Class Overview

Product Owner Immersion Program - A New Learning Experience from!

All courses are centered around valuable learning outcomes, achieved through experiential learning. Until now, they've been offered solely within a classroom environment, mostly over 1-day, 2-day and 3-day sessions.

The new Product Owner Immersion Program is an alternative experience that extends learning beyond the classroom by enabling students to apply what they've learned to their work in real-world settings. This format is enhanced by incorporating retrospectives for improvement, making the learning experience practical and highly effective. Students are actively engaged in both the classroom and their work over an 8-week duration.

    Benefits of the Product Owner Immersion Program

    • You'll gain practical experience by applying your learning to your real-world context.
    • You can affect a positive change in your work environment immediately.
    • Real-world application of learning increases your engagement, leading to more effective learning.
    • Experiential classroom learning provides you with valuable practice in a safe environment before experimenting in your real-world context.
    • Opportunities for you to collaborate and create a dynamic learning environment that exposes you to a variety of ideas and ways of thinking, deepening your understanding of class topics.
    • Retrospectives allow you to reflect on your learning with other students and the Professional Scrum Trainer to gain deeper insights and improve.

    What Do You Get?

    • Eight half-day interactive group class sessions facilitated by a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST).
    • Assignments to apply learnings in your real working environment with inspection and adaptation together with your peers and your Professional Scrum Trainer.
    • Opportunities to attempt the Professional Scrum Product Owner I (PSPO I) assessment and earn the industry-recognized PSPO I Certification. The initial opportunity never expires, however should you attempt the PSPO I assessment within 14 days after receiving your password and don't receive a passing score, you'll be granted a 2nd attempt for no additional fee. Earning your PSPO I Certification will make you part of an elite community of 160,000+ PSPO I badge holders from around the globe and unlike other Scrum training and certification organizations, your certification will never expire nor require future renewal fees.

    Who Should Participate?

    The application of learnings during the Product Owner Immersion Program is core to the concept. You should have the opportunity to work with a real team on a real product during participation in the program. If you do not have this opportunity while participating in the program, you should consider attending a traditional Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) training class.

    We believe that learners have preferences and unique situations, to which we intend to offer greater variety in course delivery methods to meet these needs. The below characteristics of learners are generalized and intended to help guide you towards the learning method you think might suit you best.

    Maximize the Value of Your Organization's Products’s Product Owner Immersion Program provides leading-edge training for Product Owners and anyone utilizing Scrum and the Scrum Framework to help maximize the value of software products and systems.

    Through a combination of instruction and exercises, you’ll learn about the role of Product Owner and key practices such as agile product management and value-driven development that can help you deliver successful products. You’ll also learn techniques and strategies for Product Backlog and Release Management. Finally, this course identifies metrics for tracking the creation of value and successful delivery of products and systems.

    What Experience Do You Need?

    Anyone involved in product delivery using the Scrum Framework. This course is particularly beneficial for people dedicated to helping organizations maximize the value of software products and systems.

    Learning Objectives

    Following the Product Owner Immersion Program, you'll have learned how to perform the following:

    • Apply Scrum related to the Product Owner role as described in the Scrum Guide.
    • Serve in the role of Product Owner for Scrum Teams and stakeholders from an in-depth understanding of delivering and optimizing value.
    • Effectively increase the business agility of your organization.


    The Product Owner Immersion Program is a mix of lecture, case studies and interactive exercises as you collaborate with other students:

    • Agile Product Management
      • Why is Agility Important to Your Organization?
      • Product and Project Mindsets.
      • Techniques for Modeling Business Strategy and Creating a Product Vision.
    • Value-Driven Development
      • Defining, Delivering & Measuring Value.
      • Optimizing Business Value Over Time.
      • Value Metrics.
      • Measurement Strategies.
    • Scrum Theory & Empiricism
      • Complexity of Product Development.
      • Defined and Empirical Processes.
      • Requirements of Empiricism.
    • The Scrum Framework
      • How Scrum Roles, Artifacts & Events Relate to the Product Owner.
      • The Purpose of a Product Owner.
      • Key Points for a Product Owner.
      • The Product Owner & Development Team Relationship.
      • Definition of Done and the Product Owner.
      • Scaling the Product Owner Role.
    • Product Backlog Management
      • Key Characteristics of Product Backlogs.
      • Product Backlogs & Roadmaps.
      • Managing Vision, Value and Validation.
      • Visualizing and Planning Upcoming Work.
      • Techniques for Product Backlog Ordering.
    • Release Planning
      • Release Strategies.
      • Techniques for Estimating Effort.
      • Measuring Progress.
      • Refining Product Backlogs.

    How It Works: The Flow of a Product Owner Immersion Program

    The following is an example agenda for the Product Owner Immersion Program. The agenda includes assignments which are not part of a standard Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) course. has aligned these assignments with the PSPO course's learning objectives.


    Trying to Decide on the Product Owner Immersion Program or the Traditional Professional Scrum Product Owner Course?

    Learners who register for the Product Owner Immersion Program:
    • Are committed to applying your learning and willing to conduct small experiments at work throughout the learning experience.
    • Find it easier to fit a half-day classroom session once a week into your schedule and independently focus on intersession assignments.
    • Learn best by doing.
    • Prefer to gain knowledge, practice in a safe environment, then apply.
    • Want to learn enough to try something quickly, then inspect and adapt to improve and grow.
    Learners who register for the traditional Professional Scrum Product Owner course:
    • Are committed to taking ownership of your learning experience which is dependent on full and active participation over a short period of time.
    • Find it easier to fully focus on the class and learning for two consecutive days.
    • Prefer to learn as much as possible in a condensed timeframe.
    • Learn best through discussions and conversations with your peers and Professional Scrum Trainer.
    • Want to gain a broad understanding of the subject and use it as a foundation for further independent learning.

    Class Pricing Options:

    • Student Ticket: USD 2995
    • Early Bird Student Ticket - Special Promotion: USD 2495 until Jun 20, 2023
    • Special Offer: Buy 2 Tickets & Get 1 Free While They Last

    Class Details



    Delivery Method

    Live Virtual Class
    Time Zone: America/New York
    Start/End Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


    Start: July 13, 2023
    End: August 31, 2023


    Madison Henry




    This Program Will Be Held Virtually  

    This Product Owner Immersion Program will be facilitated virtually. Prior to the program, registered students will receive guidance and credentials to prepare for and participate in our program remotely. If you have any questions or we can provide any assistance, please contact us at or 844-BE-AGILE.