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Professional Scrum Product Owner

Live Virtual Class, November 6-9, 2023

Class Overview

Professional Scrum Product Owner

The Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) course gives practical insights into what is required to be effective as a Product Owner. It teaches people how to work with stakeholders to best understand value, work with the team to deliver the value, and continuously iterate and improve based on feedback. It gives you practical techniques you can apply the moment you are back in the office.

Who is this for?

The following individuals will benefit from this course:

  • Product Owners, Product Managers and Business Analysts
  • Executives and leaders, managers, directors, CIOs and VPs
  • Development, QA, and anyone else who collaborates with or supports product owners
  • Program and Portfolio managers, PMO and process leads
  • Enterprise, system and solution architects

What’s covered?

  • How to be successful as an agile Product Owner (with a particular focus on working in Scrum)
  • Working effectively with stakeholders
  • Understanding what good Scrum should look like, and the relationship between Product Owner and Scrum Master in achieving success
  • A look at the creation and retention of value
  • Specific tactics and strategies for maximising the flexibility and responsiveness of software product creation
  • Techniques for fulfilling these responsibilities
  • How to optimise the value of current systems
  • How to progressively order requirements and become more agile

Learning outcomes

  • How to increase the value created by the product for which you are responsible
  • An understanding of the differences between traditional and agile product management
  • How the product owner works in an agile environment to deliver a product
  • The basics of identifying a release goal and requirements, backlog ordering, estimation, adjustment and baseline planning
  • An understanding of Total Cost of Ownership and how it is fundamental to successfully managing a product


If you complete this course, you’ll receive a password to take the PSPO I assessment. You’ll have 60 minutes to take the assessment. If you take the assessment within 14 days of receiving the exam link you’ll get a free chance to resit the exam. If you pass, you’ll receive the PSPO I certification. For more information, visit


  • Practical experience working in a Scrum team is beneficial, but not a requirement and you’ll still learn from the experience either way
  • Read the Scrum Guide – it’s free, and contains the key basic info to get you started and is only ~15 pages long (depending on the language you read it in)

Class Details



Delivery Method

Live Virtual Class
Time Zone: Pacific/Auckland
Start/End Time: 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM


Start: November 6, 2023
End: November 9, 2023

Class Format


Registration & Price

Price: NZD 1800

Registration for this class has closed


This course is taught online using a combination of Mural (collaborative online workspace) and Zoom (video call + breakout rooms)