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Professional Scrum Product Owner - Advanced

Manchester, November 16-17, 2023

Class Overview

This 2-day Professional Scrum Product Owner - Advanced (PSPO-A) is especially for Product Owners who want to improve their skills.

Share your experiences and increase your impact! This 2-day Professional Scrum Product Owner - Advanced training for experienced Product Owners offers you the opportunity to reflect on your role and improve your skills.

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Delivery Method

In Person Class
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom (venue details)


Start: November 16, 2023
End: November 17, 2023

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Registration & Price

Price: GBP 1285

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More Information

Maximize your impact!

As a Product Owner, you know all the ins and outs of Agile Product Ownership. Along the way you have already encountered all kinds of challenges that make you wonder how you can maximize your impact. That is what the Professional Scrum Product Owner - Advanced teaches you! From working with a Scrum Team to working with the entire organisation. We answer questions such as:

  • How do you work best with stakeholders?
  • How do you arrive at a common vision of value?
  • how do you respond to a difficult situation?

This Professional Scrum Product Owner - Advanced training is perfect for...

This training is an advanced Product Owner training, which follows on from the PSPO. It is perfect for Product Owners who want to reflect on their role and are looking for in-depth Scrum knowledge. Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Chapter Leads and Managers who want to support Product Owners in their professional growth are also more than welcome! This is an Expert level training. That means we assume that you:

  • have studied the Scrum Guide and understand Scrum
  • have at least one year of experience as a Product Owner
  • are part of a Scrum Team and/or have followed a Product Owner training

This is important to ensure that this training fits in well with your Learning Journey. In this way, we also ensure that the prior knowledge of the participants matches. A Professional or Certified Scrum Product Owner certificate is not required for participation, but we do recommend that you have knowledge at this level.

What do you learn during the Professional Scrum Product Owner - Advanced?

Assuming you know the basics of Scrum, we'll dive right in with Agile Governance, Contracting and Budgeting. We also discuss Scaling. How do you scale according to Scrum? What does this mean for your PO role?

You will learn what Personas and Customer Journey Mapping are and how to use them to make better decisions and create better products.

You learn to combine Business Model Innovation and Product Innovation and maximize value by using experiments and Impact Mapping. During the training, we always ask you to share your experience.

This will help you discover how you can increase your impact. 


  • Product Owner stances: get to know the different stances
  • Customer/User Value: learn to determine the value of your product
  • Stakeholders: improve the way you communicate with all stakeholders
  • Product vision: learn how to use Storytelling to share your vision
  • Product development: how do you make development a priority?
  • Product innovation: create experiments that boost product innovation

Am I ready for the Professional Scrum Product Owner - Advanced (PSPO-A)?

If you're wondering which PO training currently best suits your Learning Journey, here are the differences:

Professional or Certified Scrum Product Owner courses teach you the basics of product ownership, while the Professional Scrum Product Owner - Advanced builds on your experiences.

In this training, you will learn how to become an even better Product Owner. The Professional or Certified Scrum Product Owner training courses train you to become a Product Owner.

The PSPO-A is intended for experienced Product Owners who want to become a Product Expert.

PSPO II Certification

The PSPO II exam (plus 1 resit) and certificate are included in the training. You take the exam online at a time of your choice. Please note, you will only receive a free second chance if you take the exam within two weeks after the last training day. If you pass the PSPO II exam then:

  • Receive a Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO-II) certificate
  • Become a lifelong member of the community
  • Will you be included in the worldwide Professional Scrum Product Owner database


Manchester - TBC