Professional Scrum Product Owner New York, Aug 27-28, 2020


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     - Two-Day Course
     - PSPO I Certification attempt
     - Training Materials + lunch Included
     - Interactive sessions


Want to become a better Product Owner? Would you like to learn more about product management, Product Backlog management, stakeholder management and value-driven development? The Professional Scrum Product Owner training course will help you support your Development Teams’ effectiveness and enable more value delivery. After attending this 2-day class you’ll have a clear picture of Scrum and the role of the Product Owner, as well as some hands-on experience on how to apply theory in practice. All the information you need to start to focus on maximizing the value of your products and/or services.

Price: USD 1295

Early Bird Price: USD 1195 until Jul 27, 2020

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New York, United States


Aug 27, 2020
Aug 28, 2020

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Language: English

Who should attend? 

The Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO)  is designed for anyone responsible for maximizing the value of a product or service. In the Scrum Framework this is the role of Product Owner. The training suits you if you:

  • Are employed as a product manager or IT development manager;
  • Are responsible for a business line or for optimizing the value of (IT) products.

Learning objectives

After following this class you will be able to pick up the role of Product Owner or execute it more effectively. After attending the Professional Scrum Product Owner training, you will:

  • Understand the Scrum Framework: roles, events and artifacts;
  • Be able to act as a Product Owner for your Scrum Team(s) and stakeholders;
  • Understand how to create User Stories and set priorities in the Product Backlog;
  • Use empirical measures to make value-driven decisions about your Product’s direction;
  • Be able to set an effective release strategy and manage stakeholder expectations around this strategy;
  • Be able to increase the Agility of the business.

Program & topics

The PSPO is a two-day class in which we focus on the position and responsibilities of the Product Owner and the challenges faced when using Scrum. During the class we cover these topics (and more!):

Agile Product Management: what it entails to be a Product Owner.
Value-driven Development: how to empirically measure value and the effectiveness of what you develop.
The Scrum Framework: the mechanics and meanings of the Scrum framework.
Product Backlog Management: how to manage the Product Backlog, ensure its transparency and make more effective decisions as to its ordering.
Release Management: release strategies and common pitfalls.

After following this class you will be able to pick up the role of Product Owner or execute it more effectively.

What’s included?

The price for the training is USD 1295. Included in this price is: 

  • Courseware material 
  • An attempt at the PSPO I assessment
  • A free assessment re-take in case you take it, but don’t pass it, within 14 days of taking the class
  • Lunch on both days

Certification and Assessment

Once you have completed the class you will receive an assessment password from This password enables you to take the PSPO I assessment. You can take this assessment online, anywhere, anytime as the assessment password is valid indefinitely. However, in our experience it is best to take the assessment within two weeks after having attended the class as it increases the chance of passing. If you take the assessment within two weeks and do not pass, you get a free re-take (this password will be valid indefinitely as well). Nothing will stop you from becoming PSPO I certified!

Pre- requirements

To make the most of the class we advise all attendees to:

  • Read the Scrum Guide (add link)
  • Take the open assessment (add link) 
  • Discover their State of Product Owner (add link)

Do you prefer to watch videos? We also offer a Product Owner e-learning, giving you insights in the basics of the Framework and a short introduction to the role of Product Owner. 

How do others rate or training courses?

Our training courses on average are being appreciated with an 9.8 out of 10 (excellent). Especially the high level of interaction and group exercises are valued.

Want to attend a training courses as a team or would you prefer to follow the PSPO in-company? Please contact us for a proposal and group discounts.


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