Scrum Day Chennai

Chennai India

Dynamic nature of Business demands for continuous improvement and developments in the Agile practice. The success of Agile in Business is directly proportional to the success of Scrum Teams. One of the major areas of interest and key challenge has been how to develop Self-Organising Scrum teams that can work with minimal or no involvement of outsiders by self organising, planning and moving together towards a pre-defined Business goal.

The term ‘Self-Organizing Team’ is really incredible and any Scrum Teams’ vision. Although it isn’t very easy to create an ideal self-organizing culture when change is consent around. It is an evolving process which calls for exploring, learning, practicing, improving and then finally advancing to success as a team.

If you are looking for building a Self-Organizing Teams, then the Scrum Day 2018 is a right forum for you! Join us as we explore all about Self-Organizing Scrum Teams on 16th February, 2018 in Chennai.