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by Harun Kuru
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03:35 pm April 19, 2021

Hiii, people!!

How are you?


I need your help, I was doing a opne assesment about Scrum and I saw this question: 


When is a product backlog item considered complete?

A) When all work in the sprint backlog related to the item is finished

B) At the end of the Sprint

C) When QA reports that the item passes all acceptance criteria

D) When the item has no work remaining in order to be released


I think this question talk about the DoD, so I believe that anwser D is correct, but the anwser A could be too.

Because I know when a Item can to be released it is complete, but if dont have task about this item in Sprint backlog, it is Done too. 

I'm very confused, can you help me, pleaseeee?


Thank you very much!!



04:05 pm April 19, 2021

Where is this question actually from? Although D is best, it would perhaps have been better to correlate item completion to Done or to an increment being immediately usable.


06:08 pm April 19, 2021

There is no correct answer listed based upon the Scrum Guide.  And given this question, I would suggest you stop using it as a source of information.  The open assessments here will better prepare you.  

FYI, an Product Backlog Item is considered "Done" when it meets the Definition of Done. It is that simple.  The hard part, in my experience, of that statement is having a team create a Definition of Done. 

09:17 pm April 19, 2021

This is NOT a question from and as Daniel states, there is really no correct answer here. I suggest you stick to the Learning Paths and Open Assessments before being led down the wrong direction and yes, DoD is most important to this question...

02:00 pm April 29, 2021

Hello, guys.

Thank you so much for help.

10:29 am June 10, 2021

its should be "When the item passes all acceptance criteria" (DoD)