From English Teacher to Scrum Master - CV help

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by Lindsey Kavallar
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12:32 am June 7, 2021


I just passed the PSM I and I'm now planning to change career from English Teacher to Scrum Master. I'm from the UK but I live in Colombia and work at a tech company here, teaching English to the software developers. I've asked my company for some kind of training or transition into a Scrum Master role but they said now's not a good time for them to train me due to a company restructure they're going through (they said maybe next year but no guarantees so I'm looking elsewhere).

I have no technical experience apart from a few months studying code last year.

I'm planning to promote my transferable skills in any upcoming SM interviews (fingers crossed I actually get an interview!) but I want to make sure that my CV is the best it can be to get my foot in the door. 

I would be so grateful if any experienced Scrum Masters/Hiring managers etc. took a quick look at my CV to tell me if there's anything I can do to improve it. 

Here's a link to it. - go ahead, be brutal!

Huge thanks in advance!



08:01 pm June 7, 2021

Thanks for sharing my post! I've actually just made a few changes to my CV. Please see the updated version here:… 

08:22 pm June 7, 2021

As an ex-teacher myself, I made this exact transition a fair few years ago. If you want to connect on LinkedIn, we can have a further chat if you’d like?

in general, I approached it much like I’d coach a PM about their skills and traits that could help a Scrum Team. There are skills you will want to emphasise (empathy, communication and facilitation)- I found the transition to be quite fluid as there are so many cross functional skills between teaching and Scrum Mastery.

10:19 pm June 7, 2021

Thanks Ryan! You have no idea how encouraging it is to hear that. I've just send you a message on LinkedIn

10:59 pm June 9, 2021

Good luck. If this works out for you, great. If not, also consider a career in Corporate Communications, HR, OCM, OD, Coaching (NOT "agile coaching") or Training. I've met both teachers and PhDs in all of these careers.

10:13 pm December 31, 2021


Looking for some helpful advice here. I am an English teacher looking to transition out of the classroom after 16 plus years. I know my first step is to get the certification. Any other advice to help me with this transition? Thank you in advance. 

06:07 pm January 21, 2022

Hello, I am also looking for some advice about the transition from a biomedical science teacher in k-12 public education to a Scrum master. I have already received my certification. I am looking for any advice with resumes, cover letters, and interviewing.
Thank you in advance.