why does it take so long to get a password

Last post 09:23 am June 19, 2013
by Sehrish Akbar
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09:21 am March 13, 2013

I have been emailing for a week now just to get a password to take the test ... why ...

I can understand a day or two even, but after that it becomes ridiculous, especially for individuals in an org that is suppose to manage complex software development projects.



12:43 pm March 13, 2013

Hi Ed,
Sorry to hear you've experienced quite the lag in receiving your password. Our support staff said they have sent you your password on March 7th. Your order was processed on March 6th. They have been responding to your emails, so perhaps you are not receiving them. Could you please check your spam/junk mail? Your original password was extended. Please contact support@scrum.org with any further questions or if you need help.

02:36 pm March 13, 2013


Yes it was in my spam folder on Gmail. I have all my accounts forwarded to a single one, makes it easier. I did not expect this to be in a gmail spam folder, I am so very sorry for any extra work I caused.



02:45 pm March 13, 2013

No worries Ed. Good luck on the test!

07:32 am April 29, 2013

Im still waiting for my email to be verified. Funny how Im able to pay for my PSM1 assessment but still be told that im using an unverified account. I still havent received a password either but its only been a day.

10:20 am April 29, 2013


This is Joe at support@scrum.org. I am sorry to hear that you did not receive a verification email from us. Could you kindly check your spam folder in case our verification email might have gotten bounced into it? If you still do not see a verification email in your spam folder, please email me back at support@scrum.org to let me know and I will see that this issue is resolved for your. Thank you.


06:20 am June 14, 2013


How long does it take to get my password after payment? I have a deadline from my organisation to complete the test by EOP today. Please advise.


10:24 am June 14, 2013

Hello Sehrish,

This is Joe at support@scrum.org. Would you kindly send me an email to support@scrum.org and provide me with the email address you wish to have your password sent to?

I have processed the order that I believe was placed by you and I have tried sending your password email multiple times to the email address provided on that order. Each time I have been met with a delivery notification failure for that email address that was provided.

Please contact me with a different (or corrected?) email address so that I may get your password out to you ASAP. Thank you and enjoy your day!

09:23 am June 19, 2013

Hi Joe,

I have sent you an email on support@scrum.org