Scrum master certification without attending class room training.

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by Aara Kapur
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11:24 am May 3, 2013

Hi guys,

I am trying to find out is there anyway, can we get Scrum master certification without attending class room training i.e through self-study or by attending video training for example CBT nugget provides online video training.

Please advice.

Many thanks.

07:00 am May 4, 2013

Hi Raghu,

Go to the following link and select "Get Password".…

Goodluck, Chee-Hong

07:50 am May 4, 2013

Thank you Chee-Hong.

07:03 am May 5, 2013

No problem, let me know how you did :-)

08:42 am May 7, 2013

There are good online scrum training series that will provide with certification etc

08:30 am May 20, 2014

is there any training material provided for free? like pdf/ppt

08:53 am May 20, 2014

Hello Motilal,

Thank you for your interest in Scrum and! While does not provide online training courses, we do have many online resources freely available to help you learn more about Scrum and to help prepare for succeeding at our Professional-level assessments for certification.

The Scrum Guide is freely available for download in many different languages. You are also welcome to print the .PDF file(s) at any time for your own use. The Scrum Guide can be found here on our site at: The Scrum Guide is the first place to start to learn about Scrum, and an important resource for studying for the various assessments that are available for purchase on You may also take the Scrum Open and Developer Open at These are free assessments that will test your knowledge of Scrum, and help to prepare you for our Professional-level assessments.

We highly recommend following as many of the steps as you can on to improve your Scrum knowledge and understanding.

You can also find additional Scrum resources here: courses are also being held frequently around the world. If you wish to view the courses being held in your area, you may visit:

Thank you and enjoy your day!

---Joe (

01:14 pm March 24, 2015

Hi Ragh
Passing PSM is not easy. But there are some options to get certified without attending in classroom courses.
There is one PSM I Self Study course which I think is one of the best. I could pass my exam with guide of this course. It includes everything you need.
Their Agile/Scrum trainers also will be available to answer your technical questions while you’re studying.
Also you can find some free Material related to PSM.
If you need more help send me an email.

02:45 pm March 25, 2015

> I recommend...1)Take a PSM self study course. http://mplaza....psm-exam-p...elf-study/

Said by the guy who works at MgmtPlaza. Sir, your deception is unprofessional and disgraceful. I'm ashamed for you.

12:55 pm March 26, 2015

Hi Charles,

I'm a little confused as to what Rouzbeh's deception is?

03:58 am March 27, 2015

Hey Tim, I think Charles is referring to the sales talk by mr. Kotobzadeh :) is .org for a reason right? This community is to help people on their journey in Scrum. So if I were Ragh I'd go with Joe :)

11:39 pm September 7, 2015

[url="…"] certification scrum master [/url] this must be what you are searching for the scrum test.

03:34 pm September 15, 2015

Here's what I did:

1: Read the Scrum Guides daily (15-30 Minutes)
2: Ask questions in the forum
3. Ask questions to SM's who have passed the test
4: Take the open Assessment's and score 100% consistently
5: Attend a conference and gain practical knowledge.
6: Join a local Scrum Meetup Group
7: Get a Mentor

If your looking for an easy way to get a certification, you may need to rethink the reason behind why you want it in the first place.

10:23 am October 7, 2015

Hi Chee-hong, I am going to take the test very soon and wanted to discuss some topics with you if that would be ok? If you have some time could you message me on

Kind Regards,

12:10 am October 11, 2015

I have just passed the PSM1. I don’t code, have never developed software or been part of a Scrum team. I did it all by self study and took no courses. So yes, it is possible.

I LEARNED the Scrum Guide and LEARNED how it should be applied. I had no preconceived ideas about Scrum or software development so perhaps it was easier for me to do this.

Best wishes

12:29 pm October 22, 2015

Yesterday I cleared PSM1, got 97.5%.

When I started preparing for the exam and read posts on this forum, I got the impression that exam will be tough especially with 85% pass threshold. However I would say that exam was not tough. I may have got an easy set of questions though. :)

There were no long questions/options with wordy details to make one lost in interpretation. Most of the questions were straightforward which required clear understanding of scrum framework. There were no direct questions on Nexus although there were a couple on scenarios of multiple scrum teams working on a project

I completed the exam in 45 minutes, started spending remainder of time in reviewing the answers but mistakenly clicked on Submit button and so finished the exam in about 50 min. Got 2 questions wrong and now wondering which ones I could not answer correctly.

I have extensive background in software development but agree with JM Olsen that one does not necessarily needs that background to clear the exam. All what is needed is to understand and remember the contents of the scrum guide properly (I read it about 4-5 times) and then do well in open assessments (especially Scrum Open and Product Owner ones, Nexus is good, one may not worry too much with heavy technology related question on Developer Open ones for PSM1 certification I think) offered by

Besides these open assessments, I did take sample tests on

I did not find useful sample tests on….

Although there are quite a few posts about clearing the PSM1 exam but I hope that my post helps as well. If someone has any question/comment, feel free to write.

12:51 pm October 24, 2015

Hi Kamal,
Congrats for passing your exam with good percentage.
I am a S/W professional and want to appear for PSM. Could you please tell me how to prepare for this exam and the useful resources.

Thanks in advance.


10:14 pm October 26, 2015

I think that I provided all the input.
Let me know what is missing so that I could include it.

08:53 pm November 2, 2015


I just got my PSM 1 certification yesterday. Cleared with 97.5%. This is what I have to add:

Read the scrum guide inside out. Its your bible.
For practice questions take the free assessment on till u score 100 %
I also bought the practice module sold by management plaza, I highly recommend that, it has 3 sample assessments, 80 questions each. These will give you enough practice and exposure for the real exam. I did one week of self study, I am completely new to IT/SOFTWARE development but was able to get through.

Hope this helps!


06:31 am November 6, 2015

As evidenced here, you can self study and get your PSM1. I passed mine last month with 93% through self study and I'm still feeling good about it. So good in fact that I've written a post detailing my experience at (no plugging, no advertising... just how I did it). It's basically a list of fellow PSM1 self studiers who inspired me. And some of them have been mentionned above. Hopefully you will find some good information for you there.

02:34 am November 9, 2015

Hi , Where do i take PSM 1 Exam. Is it Online and How much it costs

Satish Mitti

02:26 pm January 8, 2016

Today I took the PSM I exam online and I scored 76 out of 80, 95% of the points. Since the passing mark is at 85%, I passed the exam!!!!

Here is what I did,

1. Read the The Scrum Guide once (
2. Read the MPlaza The Scrum Master Training Manual v1.3 (
3. Read 3 more times The Scrum Guide
4. Practice with online test. Here is my sequence of tests and results
4.1 Scrum open first attempt ( 93.3%
4.2 Scrum open second attempt ( 96.7%
4.3 Mplaza first assessment from The Scrum Master Training Manual v1.2 ( 93.3%
4.4 Mplaza second assessment from The Scrum Master Training Manual v1.2 ( 95%
4.5 Mplaza third assessment from The Scrum Master Training Manual v1.2 ( 100%
4.6 Free 10 questions at TestTaker ( 70%
4.7 Agile PM ( 100%
4.8 Mikhail Lapshin, REALLY GOOD TEST!!! ( 87.5%
4.9 Scrum open forth attempt ( 100%
4.10 Scrum open fifth attempt ( 100%
4.11 Scrum open sixth attempt ( 100%
5. Review failed questions from practice
6. Read The Scrum Guide
7. Read The Scrum Guide
8. Review failed questions from practice
9. Take the real exam

The reading of the documents (points 1 to 3) I did them during day 1 and 2. Then all the practice tests and additional reading (points 4 to 6) I did them in day 3. And points 7, 8 and 9 I did them in day 4.

The exam had a lot of question you find in the Scrum open tests, so do them until you have seen all the question. As a general thing for any exam I create a file with failed questions from practice to review them. The exam is easy and almost all the content is in The Scrum Guide. There were a couple of questions in the exam about burndown charts, so I would take a look at them.

The interface of the exam is the question, several answers (if more than 1 answer is correct, the question will tell you how many to select. For example "Select 3 answers"), a button to bookmark the question, a button to move to the next question, a button to move to the previous question, a button to see all the bookmarked question and a timer.

As for the time, I went through the 80 questions and I still had 27 minutes left. By the time I reviewed the 12 bookmarked questions I had 9 minutes left. Then my browser FROZE!!! As recommended before starting the test, I refreshed my browser (F5) and I was back in the exam. Then I clicked finish and I got my grades!

I hope this helps you. I will start looking at PSM II

11:32 am March 1, 2016

Hey Jana, Could you share what resources or documents/ websites you used to self study? How long did you study for before you took the test and passed? Did you pass on your first attempt?


05:11 pm April 8, 2016

Where can I find the scrum guide that is referred to many times in this forum

10:30 am April 11, 2016

Posted By tee pee on 08 Apr 2016 05:11 PM
Where can I find the scrum guide that is referred to many times in this forum

03:52 pm May 3, 2016

Hi i need help with the following queries,

1) where could i find the notes to clear my scrum master certification

2) where and how can i take up thi exam?

3) i have experience working as a scrum master(shadow support) , with this certification what are the chances of finding a job?

01:04 am May 4, 2016


1. I assume you are asking about professional scrum master 1 (PSM 1) certification.
- To get overall info - go to the "Assessments" link on the top of this page. Read all the info about PSM

2. In addition to the information you got in Assessments, check out the short book that is also good summary of the certification right from enrolling, payments to preparation -…

3. Well... The certification is just like any other standard credentials used in the market. It will open the doors for initial interviews with prospective employers. There after, it depends on actual competencies you can demonstrate from experience and indepth understanding. I did my my CSM. However, PSM seems to be much better in imparting the fundamentals of scrum. So, it could be a great learning experience too


08:14 am May 27, 2016

Scrum master certification without attending class room training.

It might be helpful for you to check out Inspect and Adapt ( They have an e-learning section.

09:50 am June 8, 2016

What is difference between CSM (certify Scrum Master) and PSM (professional scrum master) ? As per my knowledge for both we need to use same guide then what is actual difference?


10:52 am June 8, 2016

Hello John
Thank you for your post(blog post). It is really helpful. Can you please tell me which open assessment to practice for PSM1. There are 4 different assessment:


01:13 pm June 8, 2016

Thank you for all this info. Do we need to buy mplaza assessment test? or it's free? Because when i try to look on mplaza website looks like i need to pay to get that assessment.

11:53 pm June 12, 2016

Hello Kushboo,
I wrote the PSM 1 today and cleared with 98%.
I didn't buy any paid course nor did any training and solely relied on self study.

This is what i did and suggest

1- Read the scrum and nexus guide inside out atleast 4-5 times. The trick is understand the implied meaning of sentences as a lot of the questions in the assessment will not be straight forward but rather implied

2 - Do all the open assessments atleast 7-8 times scoring 100% consistently. I think around 10-15 questions in the PSM were repeated from the Open Assessments.The open assessments are much easier than the actual PSM.

3- Try the FREE PSM Mock Assessment by Mikhail Lapshin - ( . This is only free assessment that is available on the net and is really good. The questions are also similar to the actual PSM.

Hats off to Mikhail for putting this together and helping the community

4- Check the forum discussion to gain understanding on topics

Hope this helps !!


04:08 pm June 13, 2016

Thank you Amir and congratulation!! Can you please tell me which open assessment to practice for PSM1. There are 4 different assessment: 1) Scrum Open 2)Nexus open 3)Product owner open and 4)Developer open ?


06:49 pm June 13, 2016

Posted By khushboo c on 13 Jun 2016 04:08 PM
Thank you Amir and congratulation!! Can you please tell me which open assessment to practice for PSM1. There are 4 different assessment: 1) Scrum Open 2)Nexus open 3)Product owner open and 4)Developer open ?


Thanks. You need to do all 4 open assessments.

09:06 am June 14, 2016

Thank you for prompt response. I thought everything is coming from the scrum guide but i do not see anything about Nexus in it.
Any suggestion?

10:30 am June 14, 2016

Posted By khushboo c on 14 Jun 2016 09:06 AM
Thank you for prompt response. I thought everything is coming from the scrum guide but i do not see anything about Nexus in it.
Any suggestion?

No, I guess you have been misinformed.There will be some questions on the application of scaled scrum too.
I am not sure if you have a background in Scrum/Agile. If you have not worked, getting a training will be a good idea.
You will need to understand the principles of scrum in depth, else it might be difficult to clear the assessment.

04:13 pm June 27, 2016

Two days ago I cleared PSM1, got 93.8% (75 out of 80). Thanks to scrum forum , it really help.
Here's what I did:
1.Read the scrum Guides (2 times)
2.Read the MPlaza The Scrum Master Manual
3.Read the scrum Guide
4. 3 Mplaza assessment
5. Scrum open assessment
6. Mikhail Lapshin assessment
** Repeat step 4,5,6 again and again.
7. Read the scrum guide
Try to understand scrum guide in and out and do above assessment again and again.

04:29 pm July 3, 2016

Congrats! Did you have any questions regarding Nexus on the exam? I wonder whether I need to read Nexus Guide as well.
Did you buy MPlaza assessment? I noticed several mistakes in their manual. What's your opinion on their assessment questions?
Did you answered questions in all types of Scrum Open Assessments?

09:22 pm July 5, 2016

Yes there were questions regarding Nexus on the exam. Yes i did by MPlaza assessment , it helps to practice more questions. Yes i did all types of Scrum Open Assessment but not give much attention to developer one.

02:44 pm July 7, 2016

Thank you for the reply!
I passed the exam yesterday :)
I read Nexus Guide but there were just a few simple questions regarding scaled Scrum.

11:50 am August 5, 2016

Hello Everyone,
I am sofware developer having experience of about 7+ years in coding. Would like to get Scrum certification.
Please let me know which one to opt for the certification and why should i take up that particular scrum certification.
Which one should i go with for my career developments

Kindly guide.

01:09 am January 6, 2017

Hi Xavier

The list is great, many thanks.

I just wanted to know if you referred to the Scrum Guide when attempting these mock tests?


08:31 am March 21, 2017


I am wondering how long does the preparation roughly take (by self-study). I would like to invest 2-3 hours per week and wondering if that is a doable approach and how many weeks I should consider.


Thank you in advance,


02:29 pm March 21, 2017

Hello Joanna,

if you wan't to prepare on the exam on your own, you can't forecast, how long it will take. Well, 2-3 hours a week isn't to intensive (and that's why you'll need a long long time). If you take it serious, than you need to put a lot more efforts into it. I prepared on PSM I and PSPO I in approx. 6-7 weeks and studied ~2 hours a day. But we're people...different... that's why no one can tell you, how long it will take.



02:27 am March 22, 2017


I would be attempting the PSM-1 exam soon. I have read Scrum guide and practiced Open assessment for Scrum only. Can someone please let me know the following :

1.Do I need to read the Nexus guide too /practice all the Open assessment (Dev,PO,Nexus)?

2. How many questions are there from Scaled Scrum topics?

Thanks in advance!

04:24 pm March 22, 2017

Dear Anu,

My suggestions are the following


1.  Practice Open Assessments for Dev & PO along with ScrumOpen

2. Read through what is Scaled scrum , Burn up, Burn down Charts

3. We cant predict the Question pattern . So , I cant answer your Question 2.  But pls understand it before you go for the exam

I hope this helps. All the very best


Best Regards



06:51 pm March 22, 2017


With regards to the Open Exams, I found the Nexus Open to be somewhat relevant to the questions asked on the PSM, and the Scrum Open to be extremely relevant.  If I had to guess based on the other level-1 certification exams, ~15% of the questions will cover Scaled topics.  Of course, that depends heavily on which random questions you get from the test bank.  Not every test has the same weighting of questions, and actually not every test is even worth the same number of points.

However, I did not find practicing the Product Owner Open or Scrum Developer Open exams to be particularly useful for PSM prep.  Great stuff to know, but not necessary for certification.  My personal recommendation is to spend the majority of your study time should be spent on Scrum Master and Scrum topics, with a small amount of time dedicated to understanding Nexus.

External to the exams, I'd still suggest learning the various roles as well as the scaled framework.  As a Scrum Master you will be expected to work on both single-team and multi-team projects, and you may need to facilitate a Developer or Product Owner in their specific roles.  The more you can learn about those roles, the better you can perform as a facilitator.

07:09 pm March 22, 2017

Although several months late, I wanted to address Radhika's question since this has become an active topic again, and the question went unanswered.

A software developer who wants to continue in a development role, I would place the most value on the PSD, followed closely by the PSM.  The PSD covers testing and development roles and tasks, while the PSM covers the Scrum Framework from a higher level.  Both are valuable, but the PSD more closely aligns with the job role.  SPS is also helpful but many of the Nexus tasks will not impact a Developer's work drastically, unless they are a team delegate for the Nexus events.  PSPO is the least valuable, because while the Developers and Product Owner do communicate frequently, their specific tasks do not overlap significantly.

To recap, for a software developer I would recommend:

  1. PSD
  2. PSM
  3. SPS
  4. PSPO
01:26 am March 23, 2017

Thank you Jason and Rafeek. Certainly helps!

12:31 pm March 30, 2017

I just passed the PSM I exam with a 91%.  To study I followed the 9 steps outlined in post:  Anonymous  02:26 pm January 8, 2016

Mainly I did the following three:
- Studied the Scrum Guide
- Took the Scrum open test
- Took the Mikhail Lapshin test

I took the two practice test until I made 100% on them.

08:59 pm April 20, 2017

Has anyone taken PSM II or PSM III? Are they harder? What is the study material for those?