Exam terminated for no reason

Last post 09:52 am September 6, 2013
by Joe Pelosi
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06:16 pm August 29, 2013

I don't know how often this happens but this is a disgrace. I got to about question 25 and things started to slow down , nothing wrong with my connection as I have used this all day , and then to my absolute horror I got a message saying that the exam was over , I scored 22 out of my 25 questions , which put me on track to pass and I would of reviewed some of those answers(maybe I might of changed some correct ones) , either way I wanted to do this tonight and if I had to resit do it again very soon, now I have to wait until America opens up tomorrow and probably have a big debate about getting a refund , well I will get a refund , if you are listening

Look at the 2 reasons for saying the test was finished , well 1 is obviously completely wrong as the duration was just 12 minutes and 2 is also rubbish as there was another 48 minutes

22 out of 82 points
Date started:
Thu 29th Aug 2013 5:43pm
Date finished:
Thu 29th Aug 2013 5:56pm
Note: This test was automatically finished when either:
1. Its time limit was reached when taking the test.
2. An attempt to resume this test was not allowed due to time and date limits.

02:53 pm August 30, 2013


We are sorry to learn that a connection was lost and your assessment session was ended early. We certainly understand your being disappointed that this issue occurred. We do try to take all steps possible in order to minimize these instances. Unfortunately, on rare occasions, such technical issues can occur which are beyond our control. We offer our apologies again for this matter and have extended you a new password so you may attempt the assessment again. Enjoy your day and best of luck!

Joe (Scrum.org)

08:37 am September 2, 2013

Thanks Joe

I did the test last night and passed with a score of 87% , little disappointed with getting 11 wrong but still a pretty good a achievement considering I didn't attend any course. Would be very interested to know first time pass rate ? Could you please provide those stats.

On to PSM 2 , this seems to be a very hard exam. Have you got any past/sample questions?. How can the pass rate be 85% if there are essay questions involved?
Considering by the lack of people who have done the test I have to assume it is almost impossible to pass. Could you confirm how many multiple choice questions there are ? and how much % of total mark they make up

09:52 am September 6, 2013

Hi Feargal,

Thanks for your call yesterday. I'm glad we were able to speak. If you should have any follow up questions for us, feel free to call again or email me at support@scrum.org, and I will be happy to help. Have a great weekend, and congratulations again on your achievement in passing the PSM I assessment!

Joe (Scrum.org)