Passing PSPO - tips

Last post 02:50 pm August 27, 2015
by Daniel Tousignant
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05:03 am March 5, 2014

HI there
Any other good tips on passing the PSPO 1, regrettably I had missed out by 4% points :( I have read the suggested subject areas too and blogs and forum


06:11 am March 5, 2014

Hi Kevin,
just the usual hints:
- Know the Scrum Guide by heart
- Study the slides from the training (if you attended a training)
- Do the open assessment until you safely reach 100%
Best, Ludwig

07:05 am March 5, 2014

Thanks Ludwig

I do the open assessment comfortably ..although I am self-studying this.

All the best

02:50 pm August 27, 2015

I recently passed the PSPO 1. To prepare, I created a practice exam for the PSPO. I used these books in the PSPO suggested reading and used these forums to create 50 new practice questions to add to the 170 questions I have in the PSM 1 practice exam I created last year. You can try a free sample or register here:…