What are thre benefits of self-organization?

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by michael
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07:09 pm July 23, 2014

Why is self-organization important?

11:35 am July 24, 2014

the conditions for self-organizing are autonomy (manage and organize their own work, responsibility of their own tasks), self-trasncedency (define their own goals) and corss-fertilization (members with varying functional specialization, thought processse e.t.c). In scrum guide it is also mentioned that the scrum team model is designed to optimize flexibility, creativity and productivity and it is also stated that this model optimize development's team overall efficiency and effectivenes.
..hope it helped a bit!

08:02 am July 27, 2014

Hi Raj,

Have a look at the Agile manifesto and then think around why in scrum it is important.
And by adopting self organizing teams what those benefits are that can bring to a scrum team.