mplaza course material for PSM 1

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by Orkhan Efendiev
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02:15 pm March 8, 2017

anybody bought course material from this company - for $47 you get a 


06:45 pm March 13, 2017

Hello Sunny,

have u bought the course ? 


09:06 pm April 24, 2017

I bought this course after coming across a random video on youtube whilst looking for videos on "how to pass PSM1". l watched all of the lectures, read all of the material and listened to the audios. Then took each of the three exams twice, whilst reading the explained answers for every question.


If you do this, you will pass the exam. The material of this course is comprehensive and gets you used to the tricky wordplay of the real exam and nuances of scrum. For the price, this course is a bargain and pretty much ensures you will pass first time.

08:56 pm May 3, 2017

A combination of reading the scrum guide, Scrum Master training manual( very succinctly designed) and simulated exams from MPlaza (attempt the tests twice and review their explanations, especially for situational type of questions) helped me prepare and score a perfect 100 in the PSMI exams in the first attempt. In retrospect should say that the simulated exams were on par with the real exam.


06:05 pm May 14, 2017

I have bought it and only listened to the first three lessons and decided to stop. As I wasn't after cramming and passing the test I decided to do it the hard way. I read the following books:

1-Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time by Jeff Sutherland twice

2-Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process (Addison-Wesley Signature)26 Jul 2012

by Kenneth S. Rubin, chapter 1 and 2 core concepts.

3-read Scrum Guide a couple of times. This is very dense and passive reading will not get you anywhere.

4- The New New Product Development Game by Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka will give you a good understanding.

 In my opinion better to have a solid understanding and not only loads of mocks to pass the test.


09:18 am May 24, 2017

Hey I have took the same  mentioned course  and  passed  the PSM -I by 94%

It is highly recommended.



03:40 pm May 24, 2017

I also took the course and  passed the PSM-I

After reading scrum guide many times the course i mention support your study

05:48 pm May 25, 2017

Mplaza course material for PSM I is absolutely an added value if you want to conduct an healthy study and have a chance to clear an exam, that is not easy at all! But, everything should be integrated with the guide and your own mind (the most important thing).

07:16 am May 26, 2017

I didn't take any Mplaza or any other external course, just open assessments (all on, Mikhail Lapshin's real mode multiple times, read Scrum guide twice in a week and yet scored 94%.

06:13 am May 29, 2017

I cleared the PSM 1 exams with 98 % last week , Sharing 3 things which helped me prepare effectively for the exams

  1. Read Scrum guide min five times to absorb the content completely, you really need to get the guide (internalize it) . Sorry for sounding repetitive the 16 page guide  needs to be absorbed and you need to be completely flat with the core concepts no trick here.   While the questions are not directly from scrum guide , they revolve around scrum guide, basically the application of concepts in real time scenario. Make sure you understand who is who and about the roles of different people in every capacity.
  2. Do the open assessment as many times as possible while doing it for the second time you should aim to get 100 % within 10 mts  .
  1. For me the key to passing the exams was mock tests I took on website PSM I Preparation Practice Exams | MP by Management Plaza. The website offers excellent mock test (3) and the questions were what helped me gain confidence  for the actual exam (there are explanation for each answer ) . It costs around 27 Euro. Their customer support is really awesome
09:10 am June 1, 2017

Hello Sunny,

I bought from MPlaza for 

The Scrum Awareness (email course) (every day a small  email with an Scrum concept over a period of several weeks) for free

EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation:
- The EXIN Agile Scrum™ Foundation Workbook – EXIN-Agile-Scrum-Training-Manual-01.11.pdf for €8

- The PSM I Preparation Practice Exams – 3 complete exams (250 questions) for €37
- The Scrum Master Training Manual (ebook) for free

- The PSM I Preparation Practice Exams – 3 complete exams (250 questions) for €37

Used all the above material in combination with the Scrum Guide, the EXIN Mock exam, the PSM open assessments and the PSPO open assessments.

The Result:
I passed EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation, PSM I, PSPO I and even SPS easy.
So I'm very, very, veeeeery positive about the MPlaza material


P.S.: I wished they also had 3 complete practice exams for PSD I, because I failed that exam with 82,5%  :-(

03:30 pm June 2, 2017

Bought MPlaza PSM1 and passed today with 95% after watching the video's, reading their excellent guide, and taking the practice exams about 3 times each.

Hightly recommended way of learning for the exam.

08:38 pm June 4, 2017

Highly recommend to take PSM I Preparation Practice Exams from mplaza, I took the exam on June 3, 2017 and cleared with 98%.

Below are some preparation tips:

1) Read. Reread. Repeat. scrum guide couple of time don’t by heart try to understand each statement.
2) Take practice test from Scrum Open take Scrum Open also good to do Product Owner Open. Repeat unless you score 100% consistently.
3) The practice test from is really helpful
4) Last but not least the PSM I Preparation Practice Exams from mplaza is really a worth to spend and i highly recommend to take it before you take PSM I exam.

Ansar Ahmed

08:56 pm June 5, 2017


Just passed PSM1 with 94%. first attempt. Preparations only on

highly recommendable!!


Gorazd Golob


12:24 pm June 6, 2017


I got the certification with first attempt too.
Thank you to MPLaza Course, it is really helpful!


With best regards,

Alexey Vidanov

05:49 am June 28, 2017

I recently cleared the PSM 1 exam with 96.25% with one week's preparation in my first attempt and must attribute my success to the well-structured course and guidance from Mplaza. This is how I prepared:

1. Scrum Guide - It's extremely important to go over each and every sentence and understand the concept and idea behind this. Each sentence could be a potential question in the exam. Read it 3-4 times over a week's time to make sure I get the crux of it.

2. MPlaza The scrum training material - very succinct and great supplement to scrum guide. makes you absorb the content completely and greatly helps you master the fundamentals.

3. MPlaza Flash card - A nice way to revise the roles and responsibilities of various scrum roles.

4. Mikhail Lapshin's read module analysis

5. Most importantly  - The PSM I Preparation Practice Exams – 3 complete exams (250 questions) - this was a gem. I found the questions were of high standard and very similar to what I received during the exam though not the same. The question sets here will surely help you master the fundamentals and greatly help you clear the exam. In the 3 practice exams, I scored 90-92% in first pass and 98-100% in 2nd pass where as in final exam I scored > 96%.

I'd strongly recommend MPlaza for all PSM 1 aspirants. Thanks you MPlza!!!

03:47 pm June 29, 2017

I can't help myself, but reading this thread gives me the impression that this preparation material does just very accurately mimic the real exams so people are in fact learning to pass the multiple choice exam instead of learning scrum.

09:22 pm June 29, 2017

So, about mplaza course material for PSM I.

I haven't investigated all of the materials, but as for "The Scrum Master Training Manual"....

How do you think - is this statement correct (from the Scrum Guide point of view):

"The Sprint Backlog is frozen after the Sprint Planning and the Development Team will focus on

delivering an Increment of “Done” based on this plan"?

To my mind, it is totally wrong, as "If the work turns out to be different than the Development

Team expected, they collaborate with the Product Owner to negotiate the scope of Sprint

Backlog within the Sprint". So, Sprint Backlog is not frozen!

My conclusion is following: if you know the Scrum Guide very well,

you can read such kind of materials and ignore incorrect statements.

But if you are not sure - don't use it. Maybe, you can extract some useful ideas.

However, there is always significant risk, that you can be misleaded

and your understanding of Scrum will be distorted, even if you pass PSM I.

09:25 pm June 29, 2017

Sorry for the bad design of my previous message.

05:03 am June 30, 2017

I am about to take PSM 1 exam, doing all the preparations as mentioned by everyone but I am not sure if I need to take practice test from Scrum Open for all of them Scrum, Product Owner, Developer and Nexus or Scrum and Product Owner will suffice.


Please advise.

01:24 pm June 30, 2017

The Sprint Backlog is not frozen after sprint planning.   That is an incorrect statement about Scrum.  

Per the Scrum Guide:

The Development Team modifies the Sprint Backlog throughout the Sprint, and the Sprint Backlog emerges during the Sprint. This emergence occurs as the Development Team works through the plan and learns more about the work needed to achieve the Sprint Goal.

As new work is required, the Development Team adds it to the Sprint Backlog. As work is performed or completed, the estimated remaining work is updated. When elements of the plan are deemed unnecessary, they are removed. Only the Development Team can change its Sprint Backlog during a Sprint. The Sprint Backlog is a highly visible, real-time picture of the work that the Development Team plans to accomplish during the Sprint, and it belongs solely to the Development Team.


People need to be wary of assessments and course material from vendors other than Scrum.Org or Scrum Alliance.  


I will say though that Mikhail Lapshin's practice assessment for PSM is actually very good, as most of the questions are based directly on Scrum Guide content.

01:30 pm June 30, 2017

At Steven Busse,

I can understand that it comes over in this way, but it's not so.

You need to know and understand Scrum completely and that's something you obtain by learning the Scrum guide and glossary and by having working experience in a Scrum team.

Their Scrum Foundation and Scrum Master manuals break down the Scrum guide with some easier English (for non-native English speakers) and some nice examples, but they stipulate that the Scrum guide stays the primary source for Scrum knowledge.

Their preparation exams mimic the same style of exams, but do not cover the same questions (so not a dump). There's additional explanation why an answer is correct or not and this gives the user even a better insight into Scrum.

So in conclusion: while the mock exams train you in the style of exams, no question will appear on the true assessment and you will need to know and understand the Scrum guide in-and-out to pass their mock exams and the true assessment.

02:52 pm July 1, 2017

At Boris Kamenetckii,

I had to look in on your claim and the complete paragrafe states:

"The Sprint Backlog items and the Sprint Goal are frozen after the Sprint Planning and the Development Team will focus on delivering an Increment of “Done” based on this plan. However, it might be necessary to get more information, justify, or clear some of the items during the Sprint, which should be done in the presence of the Product Owner. The detailed plan (tasks) which is not complete at the end of the Sprint Planning, will continue to be updated as the Sprint continues."

This complete paragrafe does not goes against the information provided in the Scrum Guide. It's also stated by MPlaza that there books are a means to understand better the Scrum guide and not replace the Scrum guide has your only source of learning about Scrum.

For the people wondering: I have NO stake or interest in Mplaza business wise, I just like how they provide free or cheap materials that can help people with a better understanding of Scrum, Prince2 and AgilePM.
I do have a little of a "white knight complex" when I see someone quoting only the first sentence of a paragrafe which completely distorts the message that was given in the book.

06:33 pm July 1, 2017

Hello, Rene.

I understand you, but I disagree with you this time. You also have omitted one phrase (as I did before), which is very important from my point of view.

"The statement “the Sprint Backlog is frozen” means that items (stories) in the Sprint Backlog cannot be added or removed during the Sprint. However, it might be necessary to get more information, justify, or clear some of the items during the Sprint, which should be done in the presence of the Product Owner."

Get more information, justify or clear... - it is  not about adding or removing.Totally different sense.

Also I have seen here, on forum, that some people are quite confused with this statement. Please, take a look at these discussions:……

And here I agree with Charles Bradley, Ian Mitchell and Ludwig Harsch.

These discussions emerged not on empty place. And I wanted to highlight the place, which possibly could mislead people. But thank you for your opinion. It allowed me to express my thoughts more clear.



06:40 pm July 1, 2017

Also I would like to add, that, yes, some materials from that training manual could provide more insight and are really useful. But still...people should be careful, reading books and articles, which are not among recommended sources. That is what I have recommended.

12:27 am July 2, 2017

Hello Boris,

Thank you for your reply.

May I ask, which version of the MPlaza SM manual you are using? I'm using version 1.3, which contains the paragrafe like I posted unaltered on page 33. It does not contain "cannot be added or removed during the Sprint" in it.

I've done a search on 'frozen' in that manual and it shows only on page 21 (different section over cancellation of a Sprint) and on page 33 (paragrafe that I posted).

I completely understand from where you are coming, I've seen some very bad explanations of Scrum.

09:08 am July 2, 2017


now I understand the root of the problem:-) I was using version 1.2 of the training manual, which contained the beforementioned phrase. Also, if you conduct search on "frozen" in version 1.2, there will be 7 occurrences of this word. I was quoting one from the page 43.

So, I think, they had realized it had been a mistake and corrected it. Actually, I have written to the authors in May and, unfortunately, they didn't reply.

05:44 am July 3, 2017


I passed PSM1 today and here are the preparations i did

  • Read Scrum Guide about 10 times
  • Scrum open assessments 5 times
  • Mikail Lapshin 2 times learn mode and 2 time real mode
  • Only bought the Mplaza 240 questions last night to lap up last minute question pool

Both Mplaza and Mikhail Lapshin are highly recommended and off course reading the scrum guide. It also helped me to save the results and revisit the wrong answers and going back to scrum guide to validate. The forum discussions really helped. Thanks all and i can rest in peace for sometime.


06:15 pm July 3, 2017

I congratulate you with your achievement, Jayeeta!:-) 

03:37 pm July 8, 2017

As in Armenia there aren't any classes from and i asked from several trainers and they don't have any online courses i've started to search for any online classes and i'm very glad that i met management plazza as with their preparation course i passed not only PSM1 with 96,3% but also PSPO1 with 94% which i guess not a bad result. So i suggest them for sure. 

And by the way: the trainer of that online course is really perfect!

Good luck!

03:00 pm July 11, 2017



Having bought the PSM I exam preparation bundle was really helpful

- Short and Efficient videos, focusing on exam preparation, but which also brought a clear vision of Scrum

- 3 exams which questions are close to the exam actual questions

--> I passed the certification on my first try --> very profitable bundle

Thanks to mplaza

Emmanuel MARSY

04:26 pm July 21, 2017

Hello All,

I passed PSM 1 exam this morning with 92.5 %.

No doubt it was impossible for me to get this good score without Mzplaza course.

MzPlaza - You guys are awesome!



12:31 am July 23, 2017

Hey there, I passed with 95%, and thanks for . The course and the simulated exam Helped me a lot. Follow the teacher's advise. If you don't get a good % in the simulated exams, read the answers explanation and read the scrum guide again, study again, and do the simulated exam again. Don't do the simulated exam many times withuot study, you'll learn the answers and not the concept. 


12:08 pm July 27, 2017

Excellent course package. I started with (very) basic notions of Scrum and in three days time I passed my PSM1 exam with 92,5%. Content is well structured, easy to read and understand. The sample exams are pretty good and they do reflect the “real” exam type of questions.

I do recommend this courseware package!

03:39 pm August 8, 2017

I passed my PSM 1 certificate on 8/5/2017 with 96%

I would suggest buying mplaza course pack if in case you don't have enough real time experience with Scrum application. The questions on the course are well framed and prepare you well for the tricky questions on PSM 1 certification.

Please do read scrum and nexus guide as well. 

Make sure you read and understand the explanation for questions that you get wrong on the practice tests and take the tests till you score above 95% on all three.

Thanks mplaza and James Burgess for help.

Check this link:

06:16 am September 1, 2017

I just passed the PSM 1 exam and would like to share my approach. Please note that this is how I approached and in no way saying that this is the only way to pass the exam.


1. Read the scrum guide multiple times. DO NOT miss anything when you read.

2. Buy the mplaza course. Complete all the sections. My approach to the mock exams in the course was as follows.

3. Complete the first exam in the course. Do not worry about the marks in the initial attempt. Look at the correct answers for both the ones you answered correctly and incorrect ones.

Attempt the exam again. Keep on attempting the first exam till you achieve 100% in the exam. Remember 100% not 80% or 90% or even 99%

4. Similar approach for the rest of the mock tests.

5. Once you achieve 100% in all 3, then attempt the main exam.

6. When you attempt the exam, ensure you read the question correctly. 

7. Read all the answer options in multiple choice questions. You can answer the multiple choice by options that are wrong.

8. Don't rely on that fact that you can refer to the guide during the exam. Not all questions are direct. 

9. If you are unsure of a question, do not spend too much time on that. You might miss out on questions which you can answer.

10. Relax when taking the exam. Take the exam when you have enough time and not in a rush. Ensure you are in a quiet place and good internet connection.

08:32 pm September 13, 2017

I want to thank the folks at Management Plaza for making it possible for me to pass the PSM 1 course. After using their services (the flash cards, their written Scrum training guide and the 3 timed 80 question practice tests) I passed the PSM 1 certification test with 79/80 correct. I owe it to them and their product/service for passing and doing so well. The best advice I have ever received (and followed-up on) was to utilize Management Plaza. Thank you! Jim Tessier, PMP, PSM from Phoenix, Arizona USA.

05:30 pm September 16, 2017

The MPlaza PSM ™ Exam Preparation Bundle helped me pass the PSM I exam.
I highly recommend this product because it has many advantages:
1. It doesn’t cost much.
2. You can learn when you have time because it’s online.
3. The videos are didactically well developed.
4. Nader is an excellent teacher and you can write e-mail if you have any questions.

09:11 pm September 24, 2017

I cleared scrum certification today without buying any course material from any website. I went through scrum guide provided by and free assessment test. It took me 4 hours to go through everything. Definitely working in agile environment also works for me. Honestly I spent 4 hours and I passed this certification in 1st attempt.

04:55 pm October 2, 2017

Anyone is entitled to read as many materials as possible and MPLAZA also recommends this. However, how the course is structured on MPLAZA is so comprehensively explicit that failure in exam is almost impossible. It's so impressive I'm buying three further courses. As a matter of personal opinion, I give a rating of 5 of 5 and will gladly recommend.

06:41 am October 9, 2017

While scrum guide from is the bible, the Scrum Master Training Manual from Management Plaza helped me understand the concepts in detail. Apart from the above,  I also bought All in one guide for PSM 1 by Mohammed Musthafa. Took repeated free online exams from Cleared PSM 1 in first attempt by scoring 96.3%. 

08:41 pm October 13, 2017

I passed my PSM I exam today with 95% and 1 week of preparation.

The course of Managment Plaza was a big part of my learning the material and preparing for the exam. The video tutorials are excellent. Typically, I am not a fan of video tutorials but this is an exceptions. It help me understand the concepts but more than that it helped me understand and learn how to apply those concepts. The exams are excellent source of learning because it helped me understand and clarify my understanding and realizing where I was wrong. 

Last and very important is the support from their support team in making sure that I get access immediately without delay of time as time was of essence to me. 

Thank you support team and Ishira for your support.

03:57 am November 19, 2017

Hi All,

I recently passed my PSPO exam with 91%, three weeks earlier I passed my PSM exam with 96%. I used the exam simulator from Management Plaza. For the PSM exam, I would say at least 80% of the questions in the Simulator were very similar to the questions in the actual exam.…

Highly recommended, especially at only $47. 

Good luck to all. ;) 

07:37 pm December 14, 2017

I bought the MPlaza practice exams and they truly did pay off! I ended up scoring a comfortable 96.3% and I truly believe that MPlaza is a big reason for that. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to take the PSM exam.

06:06 pm December 22, 2017

Because of this course I passed with a 96.3% score.
The video's have been a great help as they touch all the important item needed to pass your exam.

08:50 pm December 29, 2017


When I was preparing for my exam I used The PSM I Preparation Practice Exams plus some other tests available on Internet free. I was completely new to this subject area - anyway I passed the exam 93,8%. They were wery helpful with valuable explanations - plus very similar to the real one exam. After reading the Manual the Scrum Guide was far more easy to understand and learn. Looking back on my study time - I think I should have bought the course as well.



09:54 pm January 2, 2018

I have used to prepare for PSM. In my mind about 80% of all questions which were in my exam also were at there practice mock-exam. 

12:29 pm January 17, 2018


I used the Management Plaza Coarse.

I'm in Australia and for $66 AUD it was excellent and gave me all I needed to pass first time with 93.7%.

Study Guide + online tuition + practice exams = Pass

I'm not from a tech background but do work as a PM and was looking to learn new methodologies and this was all I needed to get it.

Its great easy the the commentary explained it well.



04:32 am January 21, 2018

I complete my PSM - I with 100%. I just read Scrum guide multiple times and assessed myself through open assessment. Once I started scoring 100% in open assessment, I attempted it and scored 100%. 

01:05 pm March 6, 2018

Dear Nader & All,

Thank you for your guidance and simple explanation of the Scrum Concepts. I was able to score 92.5% on my first attempt on 4th March 2018.

·         I should admit that spending money for the Online Courses and the 3 sets of Sample PSM Exams are really worth.

·         I also should specially thank Mikhail Lapshin for his Sample Set of Questions.

·         I want to provide you all a very important hint that all the questions are easy and almost similar to the Practice Questions.

Challenges faced during Exam

·         Like in Scrum "Time boxing" the EXAM TIMINGS is a major challenge.

·         Navigation from one question to the next took too much time.

·         There was a time when i just completed just only 24 Questions in 36 Minutes as it took too much time for the Questions to appear, although i am having Internet connection with good speed.


·         Do not spent a single minute and be extra cautious, else we won't get enough time to complete our full set of questions.

·         Although it can be called as a so called "Open Book Exam", literally speaking I did not have time for referring even a single question. This was my experience...

·         Mikhail Lapshin is highly recommended

·         Read Scrum Guide multiple times (Minimum 3 times)

Now Planning for PSPO I... Kindly advice...

Thank you all,


03:41 pm March 7, 2018

Hello All,

Congrats to you all for your individual success. I would presume you all did self studies for the exam! Like you guys, i did self study using the open assessment on, and reading the scrum guide multiple times. However, for someone not already in the industry, has any of you landed a job yet? if so, any advise on how to go about that?