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Moving Motivators: What Really Motivates You?

August 15, 2019
Have you ever been curious about what really motivates the people you work with? What are they looking for in their role and in their work? If you can find an hour with your team, I recommend you to try the Moving Motivators practice (Management 3.0). Let's unpack how to prepare and run the exercise and end with some learnings.

Ruthless Accountability of Scrum

August 9, 2019
In this short Scrum Tapas video, Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma discusses how Scrum holds the team accountable for delivering value to stakeholders every 30 days or less and why. (4:41 Minutes)

The Three C's of Scrum

August 9, 2019
In this short Scrum Tapas video, Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma discusses what he calls the three C's of Scrum, going from Concept to Course Correction.  He looks at how frequent feedback using Scrum can help get us the only true source of the truth which is market feedback and perception. (4:45 Minutes)

Measuring Business Value with Scoreboards

July 31, 2019
In this short Scrum Tapas video, Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma looks at ways to leverage Evidence-Based Management and Agile Measurement techniques to understand the business value being delivered by teams through the use of scoreboards. (3:28 Minutes)

Being Nice Isn't Always Nice

July 26, 2019
I recently performed an organizational agile assessment and learned a great deal about how they served their customer’s technology needs. We investigated their technical practices, processes to develop and release, but also dug deep into how the people worked together from the people side of things.

Scrum Pulse Webinar - Becoming an Agile Leader

July 24, 2019
In this Scrum Pulse webinar, Kurt Bittner from and Ralph van Roosmalen from Management 3.0 discuss the challenges leaders face as they try to grow their agility, how they can help their organizations to improve, and tools and practices that can help them to help themselves and their teams.

Scrum for Agile Marketing Podcast - Episode 3

July 23, 2019
In this, our third podcast examining Agile Marketing, David Carmichael from Avanade and Dave West from, explore the benefits of establishing Product Owners and the value they bring with Simon Jones from SiriusDecisions.

Scrum for Agile Marketing Podcast - Episode 2

July 23, 2019
In the second in our series of podcasts examining Agile Marketing, David Carmichael of Avanade and Dave West of, the Home of Scrum, discuss the wider business benefits of embracing agility, supported by a Simon Jones from SiriusDecisions.
Blog Post

Scrum for Marketing

July 23, 2019
In this blog post, Dave West, CEO and Product Owner at, will explore the benefits of using Scrum for Marketing, dealing with pressures from every side of the business and using Scrum to address complexity.

Iterating Towards Professional Scrum: Full Lecture (Agile Week Riga)

July 16, 2019
This video is a presentation by Professional Scrum Trainer Roland Flemm from Agile Week Riga titled, Iterating Toward Professional Scrum. The 2019 Scrum Master Trends Report by and the State of Agile 2018 shows numbers that provide insight in the maturity of agile adoptions. (38:02 Minutes)