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Invensis Learning is a unique partner and guide for large and medium enterprises in their Agile Adoption and Agile Transformation endeavors. With rich knowledge of Agile methodologies, our tailored services to these approaches promotes strategic process and change management efforts which guarantee desired business outcomes. 

Our sharp focus on organizational alignment with the Agile mindset, framework and methodologies has helped Fortune 1500 companies, large and medium enterprises and government institutions make a smooth transformation.

What makes us stand apart from other business transformation consultancies is that our hand-holding will ensure your Business Agility journey will be a memorable and productive experience. 

With industry expertise in Software and Technology, Banking, Finance and Insurance, Aviation, Telecom, Retail, Media and Manufacturing, we have helped clients achieve their business objectives.

We are proud to have global pool of experienced Agile Transformation coaches across various industry sectors. With a combined Agile mentorship and guidance practice of more than a decade, we help top level management, managers and teams across the globe achieve long lasting Agile transformation success.

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