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Spotlight TrendsEmbracing Agile ways of working, such as iterative development, continuous integration, and test-driven development are only the first steps of an organization’s ability to deliver high quality software to its customers. Optimizing value delivery requires integrating the work of multiple Scrum teams and ensuring that the entire organization is able to absorb the frequent product innovations coming from those teams.

Shining a light on your organization’s capabilities and development practices enable informed decisions moving forward, identifying areas of improvement, and to incrementally build on its strengths to increase competitive advantage.

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Capability Spotlight

A Capability Spotlight creates a profile of your product development organization’s performance and operational capabilities. In addition to an Agility Index Snapshot, a Capabilities Spotlight examines your development organization’s current practices and rates them against usage of agile practices that enhance value, productivity, and quality. Doing so enables you to build on your existing strengths and prioritize areas for improvement into a transformation backlog. A series of Snapshots reveals trends that help you manage your investments and optimize future capabilities.

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