Guided Improvement

Continuously improve – one step at a time

Increasing the value of software delivery to the organization is a journey; a journey of continuous improvement. Increasing enterprise value requires that top-down change management is connected to the bottom-up enthusiasm of Scrum. 

By applying the Agile principles and values that have helped thousands of organizations innovate within software development, the Agility Guide provides a road-map for how organizations may increase their value throughout. Iterative improvements are focused on areas identified by the review of evidence in prior steps.

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Guided Improvement

Evidence-Based Change is a highly customizable framework that approaches organizational learning and change towards agility in incremental steps. Guided Improvement leverages the framework to help you gather and analyze the key business and process data needed to assess the current state of your company in each of its critical function areas. A licensed EBMgt Expert works in tandem with a cross-functional management team within your organization to identify where improvements are most needed to have an immediate and positive impact on your company’s performance. Creating a culture of continuous improvement will put you on the path to competitive advantage.

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Diagnose your capabilities, discover strengths you can build on, and expose areas for needed improvement.