June 4, 2021

Differences between Scrum and Kata

Earlier this week, I shared a doodle-style video about how you can use an Agile Approach to an Agile Transformation with a Kata. Yes, you heard right, we have seen so many agile transformations that are planned top-down and waterfall. The Agile Transformation Kata can not only help with that, it also creates a culture of autonomy and self-organization while going through the agile transformation. We started promoting the Agile Transformation Kata since July 2019, but the idea of Kata dates back for many many years. The interest in the agile community using the Kata has steadily increased, but got even more momentum once the latest EBM Guide (September 2020) was released that also promotes Kata thinking. 

A common trend among Scrum practitioners that learn about the Kata the first time is to build bridges to something familiar, in this case Scrum. We often hear similar questions such as "Is a Kata a Sprint?", or "How long is Kata?". For that reason, I have a put together a quick follow-up video to discuss the differences between Scrum and Kata, based on a few criteria. Please remember, both Scrum and Kata are tools that can be extremely powerful if used in the right context. If you like, you can also order your free Scrum and Kata Poster