March 18, 2020

Distributed Lean Coffee


Lean Coffee Poster
Lean Coffee Poster

The premise of Lean Coffee is relatively straight forwarded. Like-minded people that want to create or discuss something they care about use this tool to organize their conversations. Lean Coffee increases the engagement level significantly among the participants. In the early days of Lean Coffee, the choice of beverage was often coffee and the tool itself is also referent to Personal Kanban. Nowadays teams around the world use a large variety of drinks and may even rename Lean Coffee to something else, the basic tool behind it stays the same. 

In the age of the Coronavirus, social office gatherings are discouraged or not allowed and the agile teams are looking for ways to take tools and techniques online. However not every meeting format translates 1:1 to an online format. Some rules have to be more reinforced than others and the distance created by online formats can actually also help facilitators in certain situations.

I am sure, everyone has been part of an online meeting gone "stale" before. Long monologues that lead to meeting fatigue among the participants.  That is exactly where Lean Coffee comes into the mix, regardless if applied online or in-person.

In Lean but Strong Coffee we will take a look at Lean Coffee from a Scrum Team and Agile Transformation perspective. We take a look at the technique itself. In addition, I  have also produced a quick 5-minute introductory video about Lean Coffee (see below).

In the spirit of supporting agile teams around the world during these difficult times, we decided to throw in an extra webinar on MAR 25 that demonstrates Distributed Lean Coffee. Join me if you are interested in learning in this "how-to" session.