February 25, 2022

Do you have Stretch Goals?


StretchingWhat do you see when you look at your calendar? Back-to-back meetings everyday? Do you feel that when you enter a meeting (online or in-person) that you need a few minutes to become focused on the topic and achieve presence overall but valuable time has been taken off the clock already?

When we are rushing around, active listening skills, emotional intelligence and self-awareness are compromised. Being effective as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach these skills and abilities are crucial not only for yourself, but more importantly as a service to the team.  Lyssa Adkins describes in her book “Coaching Agile Teams” techniques to achieve presence, which could range from reading passages of a stimulating book to physical activities. 

What technique would help you getting focused on your coaching, teaching or facilitation work? Maybe it is a poetry book that carries pieces of wisdom that can be useful for getting into the mindset or kicking off a meeting with the team? But also think about a leisurely walk or even a workout.

Stretching can also be a good idea because it does’t require a lot of preparation or investment. Stretching makes you deal with yourself for a few minutes each day. It can let you digest the information gained that day “sink in",  or can help you get your mind on the coaching task ahead.

To get you started, we have compiled and illustrated 8 stretches that can be performed while sitting and an additional 8 stretches while standing. They can be performed at home or in the office environment. 15 minutes a day, that make you feel better and to achieve a better presence.

We invite you download the sheet. If you enjoy these routines, a daily stretch goal is born....