March 29, 2021

Done or not Done, there is no 'almost'

The key point of Scrum (and Agile for that matter) is getting something valuable into the hands of our customers more frequently. However, this concept, closely linked to the Definition of Done, is often misunderstood and misinterpreted.

With the release of the new Scrum Guide back in November 2020, many people were taken aback by some of the precisions made in the text. While the guide itself became less wordy, it added some clarifications – now you can’t just skip those rules. 

Unfortunately, it raised some additional questions from the community about the aspect of Done.

In this video, I’m talking about what 'Done' really means and why this is the key thing you should be focusing on achieving. I also give some tips for Scrum Masters to help figure out what is wrong if the team is not getting to Done.

Long video ahead - buckle up!


Now it's time for reflection. Share in the comments 👇: is your team delivering Done? And if not, where does the link break: Done, transparency, trust or courage?