November 3, 2014

The first release of my upcoming book

I’d like to offer to readers of this blog a first glimpse of my upcoming book “So You Want to Be A Hero – Soft skills at the core of Agile software development”.

After a few months of working on ideas, aggregating notes and wondering what hasn’t been talked about in Agile, I’m publishing the first 10 pages of my upcoming book on soft skills for Agile software development.

Through the Leanpub publishing platform, I plan on releasing multiple increments of my book over the next year. At each release, early adopters will have the chance to go through new chapters. With the Leanpub platform, readers can send feedback to the author to make it a better product. I truly believe in the iterative and incremental approach when in a complex situation. Writing a book seems like a good fit for this approach.

The price will start low and gradually increase until the final release is published. The minimum price of this release will be 0$ with a suggested price of 0,99$ (I can’t go any lower than that). Feel free to read the material and give me feedback. I am at my first release and far away from perfect. Your help with constructive comments are more than welcome to make this book a positive footprint in our industry.