December 14, 2015

Fourth iteration of my upcoming book

After almost a year, I am now publishing the 4th iteration of my upcoming book So You Want To Be A Hero : Soft skills at the core of Agile software development.

In November 2014, I published my first iteration with only 10 pages. It got close to 150 downloads. As I only though my mom would download it, it pushed me forward. I then published iteration 2 at the end of December 2014 and iteration 3 in February 2015.

I am now halfway done in the content of the book. In this 4th iteration, I am publishing story telling, humility and listening. I've also included a summary section at the end of the self-management section. Check it out and let me know if you like the kind of action plan I am proposing.

For those wondering why nothing happened for the last 10 month, I was about to publish something around April when things picked up for my other project: liquid nitrogen ice cream. As Summer was just around the corner, I then got caught up in the ice cream business. Things were going great with the ice cream project until I had some problems with the equipment. As Autumn was just around the corner, I switched back to the book.

While writing this 4th iteration, I was greatly inspired by Seth Godin's latest book, It's Your Turn, and wanted to do the same thing with my project. I didn't want to become just another book in the Amazon online store. So I hired a graphic designer, Nadège Dionne-Tremblay, to help me out with making a paper version of the book while I am writing an electronic version. Nadège is very creative and has been working hard at producing a unique book.

In other words, I am releasing two versions today:

When the book will be released in November 2016, you will have the option of buying the electronic version and/or order the paper version. The paper version is meant to hang out on your desk and make you work with it.

As always, feel free to review the content of the book or the format of the paper version. Your comments are more than welcome to build an even better book at it's final release, slotted for November 2016.