September 23, 2019

Free Webinar: Scrum Value Pairs Retrospective

A New Tool for Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches or Change Agents to Facilitate Retrospectives

October 2nd, 10am ET, 4pm CET (20 Minutes)

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Are you interested in learning a new retrospective technique?

Many Scrum Teams are not very familiar with the Scrum Values as described in the Scrum Guide, and if, they have their own interpretation of it. We have also met many teams that were able to name the values, but not many live by them. The Scrum framework describes the rules, roles, events and artifacts but the Scrum Values actually brings Scrum to life. That’s why a deeper experience on a team- and organization-level is necessary. 

Scrum_Value_Commitment_yesScrum_Value_Commitment_NoIn this webinar, we will quickly review the 5 Scrum Values and then show you an actual retrospective technique that can improve how teams apply and use those values. In addition, we will also show you how this technique can be used beyond a Sprint Retrospective but also on an organizational transformation level. After the webinar, we will share a link to download the retro kit so you can use this yourself with your teams.

Jochen (Joe) Krebs pioneered Agile Portfolio Management in 2008 and has been active in the agile community for almost two decades. He is the founder and organizer of the local agile user group in New York City since 2008, the host of the Agile FM podcast, a Certified Professional Scrum Trainer and founder of Incrementor. Joe held director-level leadership positions prior to Incrementor and connects the dots in his courses how agility impacts modern management. He offers a series of Agile Leadership Certification courses in the upcoming months in the United States and Europe you might be interested in as well.