April 28, 2019

New Open Space Poster (In Addition to Scrum Poster)

Open Space Poster After the huge ongoing success of our complimentary Scrum Poster, which is a visual representation of the Scrum Guide, we have decided to offer more learning aids to help teams and organizations in their transition towards more agility. 

Today’s reveal is a very important for us as we have facilitated Open Space events for more than 10 years with clients and in our annual conferences for example in Munich or Amsterdam and New York City. With the increasing interest of liberating structures, new light is shed on Open Space and reason enough for us to spread the word into organizations around the world.

Order your own personal copy of the Open Space poster, make Open Space transparent and use this format to live self-organizations in its very best way. We hope you like the poster and find it useful when running your open space events.


Scrum Poster