March 12, 2019

Professional Agile Leadership Certification Course - An Audio Experience Report

One of the regular listeners, Daniel Lachmann-Nishibane, appeared on after he has participated in one of my recent Professional Agile Leadership (PAL-E) certification courses in Munich Germany. He offered to come on the show and share his experiences before, during and after the course when pursuing the certification assessment.  In the spirit of transparency, no questions or comments were off-limits and we agreed on doing the episode regardless of a fail or pass in the exam. The result is the cliffhanger and you will find out in the podcast ;-) 

Listen here

In this episode we spoke about the value of the exercises in the course and the facilitated group work. More importantly we connected the facilitation techniques to the leadership role. You will hear Daniel talk about how empiricism impacts leaders and that the prescriptive, checklist approach must be challenged. 

The "E" in the course title stands for "essentials" and at team Incrementor, we decided to make this course the foundation of our Leading the Leaders program. In short, small and rhythmic learning circles, we offer a space for executives, middle management and team leads to continue their journey to become more effective leaders. Skilled agile leaders foster environments that are more innovative, productive and fun to work in. 

      Full of useful games and facilitation techniques that any leaders in an agile context can apply at their solution space immediately. - (Daniel Lachmann-Nishibane MT AG)

Dynamic training, no powerpoint :-) Cool. Keep On! Open Exchange. - (Alexandra Moldoveanu MSG Group)

Cool and compact overview of agile methods, agile mindset and agile leadership. Lot of eye-opening practical excercises. Explicit recommendation! - (Benjamin Ulsamer Proact)