December 3, 2019

Scrum and Agile Manifesto Poster (complimentary)


Scrum PosterAgile Manifesto Poster

Earlier this year,  we had released the complimentary Scrum Poster and the response was way beyond positive. We love that teams around the world use the poster to make Scrum transparent.  Beside transparency, we showed ways how the Scrum Poster can be used in a retrospective or teaching environment when we deliver Scrum trainings. Students take the poster "in" during breaks and exercises and have a constant reminder of the vocabulary. 

Since we began the agile poster series with Scrum, we have released 4 more posters. Our currently last addition to the series is the visualization of the Agile Manifesto. This poster shows the visualization of the Value Statements as well as icons of the 12 principles. Open Space, Lean Coffee and the Agile Transformation Kata round up the current series.

We now ship world-wide and posters are complimentary. For the first order of 2 posters, we also take care of the shipping costs. Please enter "1stOrder" during check out and skip the payment step, Should you like to re-order more posters, we ship any combination of 3 posters for $10 to balance the additional shipping costs.