November 29, 2020

Scrum Upgrade Kit (Cyber Monday) - US Only

Poster and Sticker
Scrum 2020 Poster and "Agile On" Sticker

We are wrapping up a long Thanksgiving weekend in the United States with Cyber-Monday. To give thanks to the Scrum community in the US, we offer a free bundle of 2 Scrum posters, 2 Scrum sheets and 2 Stickers and send them for free right to your doorsteps. Give one of the two sets away to a colleague, friend or keep them both for your home office and office away. We won't judge. 

This offer will expire 11.59pm ET on Cyber Monday. Please enter "THANKS" during checkout and skip over the payment step in the shopping cart.

The Scrum Poster is 24x36 and printed on a glossy paper. The Scrum sheets are printed on a sturdy glossy paper (8.5x11) and stickers are just sticky. Not sure what other qualities a sticker should have ;-) This offer is only available for orders from within the US, but still ship all the other posters world-wide for free following the ordering guidelines.  

Click here to grab the Posters