October 6, 2020

Scrummer Quiz Results (Scrum Mythbuster)

On October 7th at 1pm ET, I will share and present in a 20-minute live session some key findings of the Scrummer Quiz and one thing is already certain..., we  will bust some myths around Scrum! For example I will show some interesting datapoint around velocity, sprint retrospectives, the Daily, Scrum roles and Scrum values. In addition to the datapoint and analysis of all the answers we have received, we will of course turn the results into some great learning opportunities for you. 

Scrum Poster10 lucky winners walked away from the Scrummer quiz with an autographed book by JJ and Jeff Sutherland  ("Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time"). Truly a unique win! During Wednesday's live session, I will also share a special code for an extra round of free shipping of our highly popular Scrum poster. That free shipping code will expire OCT 09 at ET. 

Join me Wednesday for learning and sharing...