December 29, 2014

Second iteration of my upcoming book

I am now publishing a second iteration of my upcoming book on soft skills for Agile teams. Titled So You Want To Be A Hero : Soft skills at the core of Agile software development, it contains 4 new soft skills (customer driven, patience, intellectual curiosity and selling skills). I've written a first iteration on the conclusion of the book. The book now contains a table of contents. Some readers asked for this to get a general overview of the book.

Since I published the first iteration of the book on 3 November 2014, it had more than 150 downloads and a few good words from my peers. This was encouraging and motivated me to move forward with a second iteration.

I've upgraded the price. The suggested price is now of 2$ with a minimum price of 1$. I feel it is worth at least one dollar for all the hours I've put in researching and writing the book. I am curious to see how people will react to this price change.

Please be advised that I am more than waiting for reviews and comments about this second iteration. Through the Leanpub platform, you can publicly express your comments through this thread. You can also contact me directly if you want to send your review privately.

The third iteration will be focused on the following skills:

  • Humility

  • Metaphor / analogy

  • Meeting skills


Happy Holidays