February 1, 2015

Third iteration of my upcoming book

After only one month since the release of my second iteration, I am now publishing the third iteration of my upcoming book on soft skills for Agile teams. Titled So You Want To Be A Hero : Soft skills at the core of Agile software development, the work is still attracting new readers.  The third iteration contains 2 additional people skills: meeting skills and body language. An introduction to self-management skills has also been added to give them a better context.

As always, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your feedback. Comments have come in all sizes. Some people have commented on typos while others had things to say about complete sections of the book. This is all good as these comments will make the final work only better.

I had more than 150 downloads for the first iteration with only 35 for the second. I can understand this as the book is not free anymore. Speaking of price, I am keeping the suggested price to 2$ with a minimum price of 1$. I am interested to see if the additional value will attract new readers.

A fourth iteration is planned before end of March. Based on comments, I will better intertwine stories and soft skills. Right now, each skill has an introduction story followed by a text relevant to the skill. Readers have expressed less linearity to make the whole thing flow better.

I want to reiterate how I am quite open for reviews and comments about each iteration. Through the Leanpub platform, you can publicly express your comments through this thread. You can also contact me directly if you want to send your review privately.