January 9, 2020

[VLOG] How to Order the Product Backlog in Scrum

Hey everyone. First of all I would like to thank you for your support spreading out my last week's vlog on the differences between Project Manager and Scrum Master. Thanks to you, more  people now understand the differences between Project Manager and Scrum Master and have another perspectives on both roles. But what's exciting is some people even told me they are inspired to transition to become an awesome Scrum Master. :)

In this week's vlog, I would like to shift to Product Owner topic and share about How to Order the Product Backlog. The concept of Product Backlog is actually very simple, however I have found that many Product Owners, especially those coming from traditional project management, are struggling to grasp the simple idea of Product Backlog. So I thought I made this video to give some inspiration to Product Owners so they can order the Product Backlog better. Knowing how to order the Product Backlog effectively is very important in Scrum as the order of the Product Backlog reflects the Product Owner's vision for the product. And visionary Product Owner inspires the Development Team. So enjoy this video.