December 14, 2019

[VLOG] What Are the Scrum Product Owner Accountabilities

Hey awesome people. The Product Owner role is often underestimated. When an organisation is transitioning to use Scrum, it is not rare to see people perceive Product Owner as the business analyst or requirements engineer just managing the Product Backlog. It is also not rare to see the Product Owner who are just focused on the project lifecycle and delivering on time, on scope and on budget. And the Product Owner role is perceived as a low level tactical role because theScrum Guide does not explicitly write down other activities the Product Owner should do outside of Scrum, it is not rare to see an additional layer on top of the Product Owner called the Product Manager.

In today's vlog, I share what is the Product Owner role is about and what is the broad accountabilities of the Product Owner. Being a Product Owner is not easy and as a Scrum Master I will do my best to serve the Product Owner so that they can do outstanding job as a Product Owner. Hopefully today's vlog is helpful for those of you who are new to Scrum and Product Owner role.