Unusual Concepts

Why we do what we do?

We love taking people outside their comfort zone, reminding them that everything is in their own hands. We love to see the sparks in the eyes of our clients after we leave. We love awaking the personality in the people we get in touch with and see a cog in the big organisational machine turning into an individual. An individual aware of her own values collaborating with other individuals because of the feeling of responsibility and internal drive not because they are told to. We believe that by making our organisations more agile, create better products and services we can make this world into a better place.

What we do?

We provide high-end assessment, strategic sessions, training, and coaching improving the agility of your business. That is to deliver value faster by shortening time to market. We do it by working with the whole organisation transforming it in all its corners: management, finance, hr, marketing, sales, development, r&d because we understand that in order to bring lasting results everybody need to change.

How we do it?

We believe that most organisations have the answers about how to increase its performance and efficiency within its own people, that’s why we strongly believe in coaching approach. We don’t tell your organisation what to do. We open a lot of doors, but to go through them (or not) is still up to your own people. We juggle teaching, mentoring, advising and coaching in our work putting more weight onto the latter. We use many unusual concepts in our work from coaching to business games and Lego Serious Play to mention a few, so be prepared for some serious fun. We want to leave an organisation that is confidently able to self- correct and continuously improve after we are gone – that is how we measure our success.

Our offices

We have offices in USA, Germany, Norway, Japan, Russia and Ukraine and provide our services all over the World.

Unusual Concepts

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