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Scrum is defined completely in the Scrum Guide by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, the originators of Scrum.

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U.S. English Scrum Guide (July 2013)
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Ken Schwaber & Jeff Sutherland

Translations provided by the generous individuals and groups listed below
Note: Current translations are marked with (July 2013)

Arabic (July 2013) Yaser Marey  

Belarusian (July 2013)             Konstantin Razumovsky  

Bosnian (July 2013) Nermin Caluk  

Bulgarian (July 2013) Scrum Bulgaria Group  

Catalan (July 2013) David Marti 
Chinese (July 2013) Community  

Croatian (October 2011)
Zvonimir Križ  

Czech (July 2013) Agilia

Danish (October 2011)
Dutch (July 2013) Eelco Gravendeel

Finnish (July 2013)
Agile Finland

French (July 2013) Agile Québec City

German (July 2013)
German Scrum Translators


Hebrew (July 2013)
Tamir Krispis

Hungarian (October 2011)
Agile Hungary

Indonesian (July 2013)
Scrum Asia Pacific

Italian (July 2013)
Scrum Italia Group

Japanese (July 2013)
Kado Masanori

Korean (July 2013)
Scrum Korea

Lithuanian (July 2013) Darius Juostas

Norwegian (October 2011)
Geir Amsjø


Persian (October 2011) Asad Safari

Portuguese Brazilian
(July 2013)
Fábio Cruz

Portuguese European 
(October 2011)
Catia Oliveira

Polish (July 2013)
Tomasz Wlodarek

Romanian (July 2013)
Agile Works - Romania

Russian (July 2013)
Agile Translations

Serbian (July 2013)
Lidija Soro Ricciardi  

Slovak (July 2013)
Agilia Community  

Slovenian (October 2011)
Jure Klofutar  

Spanish (July 2013) Lucho Salazar

Swedish (July 2013)
Christina Skaskiw

Thai (October 2011)
Thomson Reuters

Traditional Chinese
Taiwan (July 2013)
Andrew Lin

Turkish (July 2013)
Scrum Turkey

Ukrainian (October 2011)
Rostyslav Seniv

Vietnamese (July 2013)
Duong Trong Tan