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Agile Israel 2020

Agile Israel 2020 is the central Agile & DevOps event in Israel running for the 13th consecutive year, bringing world class experts and inspiring case studies to help you learn tips and tricks that can be applied in your organization.

Lean Agile Global 2020

Two days packed with awesome talks and lots of opportunities to engage and interact with other speakers & participants.

Scrum Day- Chennai 2020

Scrum Day Chennai is tryScrum's flagship conference bringing all the best, most emergent ideas about Organizational Agility and some of the most important global minds working in the field under one roof.

Scrum Day London

This event provides a unique opportunity where individuals and organizations gather together to share their stories and network as a community. Scrum is all about people. Our speakers have volunteered to share their story to help others achieve success with their Scrum & Agile journey.

Agile Day Atlanta 2020

Atlanta, GA
Agile Day Atlanta is a community-driven, one-day Agile conference. Entering our seventh year, their goal is to continue promoting agile methodologies within the Atlanta Agile community.

Agile Lean Europe Riga

ALE is an unconference held around Europe and this year it is coming to Riga! Riga, the capital of Latvia, is an Eastern European gem, steeped in history Latvians take pride in their traditions and culture while converting into open-minded, global citizens. Thus, we welcome travellers and make them feel at home. Professional Scrum Trainer John Coleman will be speaking at the event.

Mad City Agility Conference

Live Virtual Conference
"Mad" is typically a reference to "mad scientist" which implies outside of the norm thinking and experimentation. That's Mad City Agility 2020 - we are focusing on revolutionary, rebellious, "mad" thinking that is required in 2020 and beyond for organizational agility.

Scrum Day Germany

A Virtual Session will be held May 27,2020, with keynote speakers At Scrum Day Germany can expect innovation and inspiration, outstanding keynote speakers and, as always, the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people. We want to keep it that way in 2020. The event will take place in Stuttgart on September 21 and 22, 2020.

Agile Amsterdam 2020

Our fourth edition of Agile Amsterdam is on! Join us on the Wednesday warm-up evening with a keynote speaker and drinks, followed by the Thursday conference day with keynote speakers, company speakers, several workshops and a short concluding Open Space.

Agile India 2020

Bengaluru is sponsoring Agile India, Asia's largest conference on leading edge software development methods. The conference runs from Oct. 11-18.

Agile Camp Berlin 2020

Join the Agile Camp Berlin and experience two energizing days with 200 agile peers focusing on community, sharing, and learning.

Agile Leadership Europe

Agile Leadership Europe is for the community of Agile leaders to share stories, pitfalls and to learn from each other. This day aims to make you feel energized, inspired and is an opportunity for you to meet your fellow front-runners and like-minded.

Scrum Day Vietnam 2020

Ho Chi Minh City
Scrum Day Vietnam is a great and exclusive occasion contributed by and for Vietnam Scrum/ Agile community and friends.

Agile Austria Conference 2020

For the fourth time - in the green heart of Europe - an exciting, educational and informative conference on the topic of agility is taking place!