ScrumPulse is a webcast series designed to help those new to Scrum and those with experience learn and improve.  You can hear from experts in the Scrum community including those who have helped to create and evolve Scrum, Professional Scrum Trainers and many others.  All of these events are recorded and always available with new webcasts continuously coming.  

You can view and search all resources from Scrum.org including Webcasts, Videos, White Papers and much more here.

Upcoming Webcasts

What is Nexus? An Introduction to the Framework for Scaling Scrum

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 11:00 AM EST (16:00 UTC)?
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Watch Recorded Webcasts

2017 Scrum Guide Update with Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland

Scrum Guide 2017 Webinar

How the Nexus framework aided Capital One to scale Scrum to deliver a complex product with multiple Development Teams

Capital One


Scrum in India: A Panel Discussion on What Works and How to Improve

Scrum in India

Scrum and Kanban: Make your teams better by busting common myths

Scrum and Kanban

The Empirical Product Owner

The Empirical Product Owner

Scrum and Money: Getting Funding with Scrum

Scrum and Money

Introduction to Scrum

Intro To Scrum

How to Optimize Client - Agency Partnerships using Scrum

How to Optimize the Client Agency Partnership with Scrum

Being an Effective Scrum Master

Being an effective Scrum Master

Strategic Scrum & Agility as a Choice

Strategic Scrum

Scrum and DevOps: Making of a 21st Century Product Delivery Organization

Scrum and DevOps

What is Your Daily DOSE for Creating Happy and Engaging Teams?

Daily Dose

Two Dimensions of Agile at Scale

Two Dimensions of Agile at Scale

Scrum in Government

Scrum in Government

Who is the Product Owner Anyway?

Who Is the Product Owner anyway

Dispelling the Myth that Scrum Teams Don't Think About Architecture

Dispelling the myth that Scrum Teams don't think about architecture

Management 3.0 & Scrum: How to Become a Next Generation Leader

Management 3.0

Women in Agile: Empowering the Next Generation of Influencers

Women in Agile

Software Craftsmanship in Professional Scrum  

Software Craftsmanship

Role of a Scrum Master (Special Spanish Edition)

Role of a Scrum Master

Software Ethics Panel Discussion

Software Ethics

Transforming a 25,000+ Person Consulting Company to Become More Agile


Multicultural Scrum the Impact of Culture on Living the Scrum Values


Myths, Misconception & Mysteries of Product Ownership


Scrum Guide Refresh July 2016

2016 Scrum Guide Changes

Scaling Professional Scrum with Visual Studio Team Services

Scaling Professional Scrum

Cage Fight:  Product Owner vs. Product Manager

Cage Fight

The Core Protocols 

Core Protocols

We're Moving to Agile:  What Are Our Testers Going to Do?


Organizational Improvement: Using a Framework to Guide Your Change

Challenges in the Development Team 

Challenges in the Development Team

How to Ship Your Software with Confidence and Speed

Enterprise DevOps

Psychological Models in Scrum 

Psychological Models in Scrum

Agile Metrics

Agile Metrics

Self Managing Teams: 4 Building Blocks and an Evidence Based Approach

Self Managing Teams

Scaling Scrum and Agility

Scaling Scrum and Agility

Transparency in the Trenches

Transparency in the Trenches

Dealing with Technical Debt 

Dealing with Technical Debt