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ScrumPulse is a webcast series designed to help those new to Scrum and those with experience learn and improve.  You can hear from experts in the Scrum community including those who have helped to create and evolve Scrum, Professional Scrum Trainers and many others. Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer is another webinar series that gives attendees the opportunity to ask their burning questions about Scrum to Professional Scrum Trainers in a live Q and A session. webinars are all one hour in length.  All of these events are recorded and always available with new webcasts continuously coming.  

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Procurement and Supply Chain in Agile Transformations: Emerging Trends 2024

June 27, 2024
Join us for an exciting Scrum Pulse webinar featuring Mirko Kleiner, President & Thought Leader LAP Alliance and Simon Reindl, Executive Board Member LAP Alliance and Eric Naiburg, COO They will share the findings from the 2024 Global Annual Study State of Agility in Procurement and Supply, emphasizing how organizations are increasingly prioritizing agile practices to navigate procurement complex and uncertain markets.


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