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Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have paused all purchases and training in and from Russia.

Ways to take a training course

Find a solution that meets your individual or teams needs

Everyone has different needs when it comes to finding a training class, whether you are looking for something introductory, specific to your role or a more advanced topic, we invite you to explore and find a class that fits your professional needs or the needs of your team or organization.  Both public and private training can take place in-person or in a live virtual setting.


Public Training

Learn with other companies and industries
Public training is held on a regularly scheduled basis, that anyone from the public or any company can register for and attend based on a per person fee by searching the upcoming class schedule. If multiple people from the same company join a public class it is an opportunity for them to hear from others how they are working and get additional ideas from other companies and industries.


Private Training

Learn together as a company
Private training is held for a company or organization and generally priced based by the group. Depending on the groups size, multiple training classes may be required or additional fees per students may apply. Organizers of the class will work with a team member, a specific Professional Scrum Trainer and or a Training Partner to organize the class and optimize the learning experience for the company or team.

In-Person Training

All students in the same physical classroom

All students are in the same physical classroom either at a company site, external training room or other facility taking the class from an instructor all in the same room.  Students may break into smaller groups within the classroom for exercises and activities, while they remain together physically. The instructor will observe activities and exercises to help answer questions and facilitate discussions as needed.


Live Virtual Training

All students together in an online classroom

There is an instructor leading the class and all students attend using online technology all at the same time, together. Students may break into smaller groups or virtual breakout rooms for exercises and activities. The instructor has the ability to enter and leave breakout rooms as needed to help answer questions, facilitate discussions and observe.