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What is Your Daily DOSE for Creating Happy and Engaging Teams?

May 16, 2017
We would all agree that “happy teams create happy results”, but the big piece to the puzzle is how to create those happy and engaged teams…  In this edition of Scrum Pulse, Professional Scrum Trainer Nagesh Sharma will discuss the psychological aspects of the human brain connects the dots with Scrum. A Scrum Master can be helped by better understanding the chemical makeup of the human brain to create more happy and engaged teams by leveraging the Scrum framework and embracing Servant leadership.

Scrum in Government

12:00 EST (16:00 UTC)
There is generally no bigger organization that government and with government comes politics and hierarchy, yet most government agencies around the world are attempting to become “more agile”. To achieve the goal of agility, many agencies are adopting Scrum, but with self-organization and servant leadership being somewhat new to the world of government, how does that work? 

Agile San Diego: Scaling Professional Scrum

San Diego, CA
Richard Hundhausen delivers a talk on Scaling Professional Scrum and how Nexus can mitigate the challenges caused by multiple Development Teams cooperating on the delivery of a software product.

Who is the Product Owner Anyway?

April 18, 2017
As Agile become mainstream increasingly organizations are looking to double down on the role of the Product Owner encouraging them to manage the intersection between technology and the business.

Sample Employee Satisfaction Exercises

April 11, 2017
Traditional software organizations have diametrically different values and operation from an Agile, Scrum based organization. You cannot simply paste a new approach on top of a traditional organization. Ken Schwaber wrote this presentation on this problem and how to measure its impact on staff.