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Why Engage a Professional Scrum Trainer™

The Professional choice for your training, coaching, and consulting needs

Choosing the right individual or group to help you and your organization be successful is not an easy task. They need relevant experience and the right fit for your company culture - relatable but also able to challenge well-established norms, assumptions, and ways of working - in the classroom and when coaching/mentoring. The people that you bring in to train and coach your teams also need to be pragmatic so that they are able to address the problems that you have today and improve how teams are working in the future. This is why has created the Professional Scrum Trainer™ (PST) program. These are highly skilled and validated individuals who are some of the best at helping people learn and apply techniques for solving complex problems. Organizations can engage PSTs directly or through companies such as Partners

What makes PSTs different than any trainer or coach?

PST Certification Badge

Professional Scrum Trainers are experienced Scrum practitioners who are the only professionals licensed by to teach the official courses and prepare students for the certification tests. They are experts in Scrum and other agile practices with extensive experience applying them. PSTs have been Scrum Team members in various roles, while also having delivered formal training, coaching and consulting.

PSTs are highly recognized in the agile training and consulting industry for their mastery of Scrum, complementary agile and agility approaches, training and coaching craftsmanship, and their passion for continuously inspecting and adapting their own techniques.

Delivering more than training

Unlike people who just train, Professional Scrum Trainers engage with teams so that they understand the "real-world" and help address difficult situations because they have experienced them and have been able to overcome them in their jobs.

PSTs bring a diverse set of experiences into their roles. This comes from the types of work they have done and the environments they have worked in. PSTs bring the same level of professionalism to their work with teams and products backed by their specific experience in numerous fields, as they bring to each course they teach and the experiences they share with students.

Many of the PSTs serve as coaches, either as full-time employees within a company where they provide coaching services or as external consultants collaborating with various companies. They help teams deliver value across industries and different types of products.

A PST readily adapts to their clients needs and brings in different agile practices to help the people and teams while coaching them on ways to deliver with greater agility. PSTs will leverage their own experience and that of the greater community when coaching to ensure that they are bringing an open mind to their work and are able to take advantage of the collective experience of the whole.

Get to know our PSTs and what their clients say

Web Page
We ask our students for feedback in multiple ways as a way to learn how we are doing and improve for the future. This page demonstrates two of the ways we gather feedback:Immediately following each class, we ask students to provide reviews of the training using Trustpilot as a third party measureme...
Case Study
This page provides an overview of the case studies available from Case studies demonstrate successful transforming organizations, uses of Scrum, Nexus, Evidence-Based Management and more. Read them to understand where people and teams have struggled and how they have succeeded.
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In several episodes of the Community Podcast, our host and CEO Dave West interviews Professional Scrum Trainers about their experiences that led to their becoming a PST and exploring what Professional Scrum means to them.
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How someone becomes a Professional Scrum Trainer

Once an individual has experience with Scrum and agile and decides that they would like to become a Professional Scrum Trainer, they go through a three-phase process that often takes years in the Candidate Journey that validates their core qualifications and helps them improve their knowledge, practical experience and training skills. Each is designed to explore a different set of target competencies.

  1. Phase 1: Core Qualifications
    This phase explores the candidate's alignment with the mission & values
    Do they behave in alignment with Scrum Values, demonstrate a passion for helping people and teams solve complex problems, and lead with curiosity, kindness and humility?
  2. Phase 2: Knowledge & Practical Experience 
    This phase explores the candidate's Professional Scrum knowledge & practical experience creating value through Scrum
    Are they able to consistently and accurately talk about Scrum, demonstrate how to apply it professionally, emphasize the WHY associated with Professional Scrum (over mechanical Scrum) and share compelling stories that showcase how they have captured the value Scrum and empiricism have to offer with real Scrum Teams over long periods of time?
  3. Phase 3: Training Skills
    This phase explores the candidate's skills in engaging learners & enabling learning outcomes as a trainer
    Are they able to apply a range of techniques and approaches for engaging learners, effectively create learning outcomes for participants, and adapt teaching styles to meet the needs of diverse participants? 

PSTs participate in mandatory annual Face-to-Face events where they collaborate and share with staff and other PSTs to learn from each other tapping into a vast network of expertise to better serve their clients' needs. These events help bring the community together and promote ongoing learning.

Ready to take the next step?

In a market flooded with trainers, coaches, and consultants, opting for a Professional Scrum Trainer is the smart choice if you are serious about results. Elevate your team's capabilities, accelerate your agile journey, and have confidence that your investment in training, coaching, and/or consulting translates into sustained success. Each PST has detailed their experiences in their profile pages to allow you to learn more about them and what they have done with others. Don't settle for ordinary – you deserve the best; work with a PST as your catalyst for unparalleled growth.


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