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September 20, 2018

Why architecture should emerge?

Just a thought on architecture in a complex environment. What is the value of a perfect architecture? Is there something as a perfect architecture? Perhaps more importantly, when is the architecture perfect?
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September 19, 2018

La Velocidad en Scrum

Scrum se ha convertido en el marco ágil de trabajo más usado en el desarrollo de software en el mundo. Uno de los beneficios de Scrum es la entrega de incrementos de producto en periodos de tiempo cortos. El trabajo se basa en la colaboración y trabajo en equipo.
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September 17, 2018

Seven Traits of Elite Team Captains

What can a Scrum team learn from the World’s Greatest Sports Teams? In this the second of 3 blogs I'm sharing the character traits of an Elite Team Captain.
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September 27, 2018


ScotSoft is the leading tech conference in Scotland. It’s an annual festival of ideas and innovation that showcases the best of the Scottish technology sector and brings you sought after speakers from far flung locations. 
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October 1, 2018

International Conference on Data Science, E-learning and Information Systems 2018

Don't miss CEO Dave West as he is a keynote speaker for this event.
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October 1, 2018

eXperience Agile is a proud sponsor of eXperience Agile.
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September 13, 2018

Golden Rules for an Agile Reporting Structure

What do you do when implementing Scrum? Who does what and what about Scrum reporting? Here are five “golden” rules for ensuring that any model you deploy does not undermine the fundamentals of agility.
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September 11, 2018

Top 5 Agile Blogs to Follow

Are you passionate about agile? Love to keep up with agile news? So do we. Check out this bite-sized article about the top agile blogs to follow.
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September 7, 2018

Scaling Scrum is Just Scrum

One of the hottest questions these days, whether online or in the boardroom, is “How does the organization become more ‘agile’?” As the discussion evolves, it leads to, “How do we scale agility from one team to multiple, or should we?
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